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1/28/13 9:30 P

Hi. its nice to meet you I'm Robin, I just added you as a friend you can do this its just a matter of taking baby steps make small changes.

one thing you can start doing is stepping in place or marching for about 10 min. or break it down to 5 min several times a day.

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HEATHERM2004 Posts: 4
1/28/13 3:30 P

Hi! My names Heather and I would certainly like to help you stay motivated!
A few friends of mine and friends of theirs have made a private group on facebook to help support one another. We share workouts, recipes, craving moments, and whatever else we see fit. It is great for when you really feel like you need to talk to someone, because one of us usually reply's within 10 to 20 minutes. If you would like to join, please let me know. You can look me up on facebook, my name is Heather Johnson - lives in Moscow Mills, MO.

Hope to help you out! Together since January our group of 12 people have lost almost 90lbs!
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1/28/13 9:58 A

I am certainly willing to help you on your journey. I am sure that you are looking for people a little closer your situation and age than I am. I have great-nieces almost 10 years older than you. The principles are similar but the reasons, situations we face, and such are pretty different.

The best ad vice is to figure out what you LIKE to do, eat, and the kinds of support you are looking for. As Coach Nancy suggested, check out the teams, and the Spark Buddy options. Create a PLAN that works with YOUR life and that allows you to enjoy being YOU and celebrating ALL the aspects of being YOU that you love - job, family, activities you enjoy, people you hang around with, sch ool, etc. Fit them ALL into your plan. If you enjoy cooking or would like to learn to cook - check out recipes and how to make your FAVORITES turn into healthy masterpieces. Read articles, ask questions, TRACK TRACK TRACK - food and ex ercise, obviously, but also OTHER goals and things you want to improve. Tracking is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Also remember that you are not just los ing wt, but are creating a LIFE style that will allow you to have an active an exciting FULL LIFE.

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1/28/13 9:11 A


If you do not get any responses you may also want to check out our SparKBuddy Search found on the SparkPages link in the Community tab's drop down menu. Also you may want to check out our SparkTeams.

Coach Nancy

CANDARR92 Posts: 2
1/28/13 12:50 A

hello i am 20 years old almost 21 and im looking to lose about 65 more pounds and really need some support anyone interested you can message me on here or facebook me my name is candice bailey

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