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12/1/11 11:37 P

Hi Kim,
You sound like a really nice person. I just found this site Wednesday and was thinking exactly like you are. I am 45 and need someone to encourage me also! I feel busy and overwhelmed most of the time even though I do not have an outside career anymore. I know I don't use my time wisely and am going to try to focus on that! I actually love to exercise but am a yo-yo dieter and exerciser! I lose and then gain! My best friend moved in July and we use to road bike 15-20 miles a day and do the gym and our own little boot camp but now I have no motivation. Haven't been on the bike but once since she moved. Also, my husband got promoted and we are going to have to move so stressed about telling my son (9) that!! He will be devastated! I am a bad procrastinator and also have poor self esteem since gaining around 20 pounds in 2 years. I want to lose around 35 would be happy with anything right now. I started working out when school started-went for a month doing real good and then weighed and had actually gained several lbs. I know it was probably muscle but it was horrible and I gave up. I am on tonight venting because I was real good yesterday and today but I got off the treadmill took a shower and went ballistic on the pantry!! Went about 325 over my daily calories. Looks like I need support!!!! I read all the positive messages and would love to be there one day! I would love to be buddies-just let me know.
I am also a newbie to the message boards and such so hope I am doing this right. If we all stick together I think it makes it so much easier!

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11/28/11 8:15 A

Well, Im female/18/ I don;t have kids but i have 3 sisters :D

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11/27/11 7:26 P

Hi Kim,

I think it is great that you are asking for a buddy. It seems like online supporters are better than our friends and family. Or at least mine are.

My one piece of wisdom to everyone especially women over 40 who are struggling with weight loss it to have your thyroids checked. I never had a weight problem.. Never had to diet a day in my life and in fact worried to keep some weight on me. Suddenly my weight skyrocketed and after 4 years of going to my doctor regularly I asked her to check my thyroids. The results were hypo and that was in 1998. I am still strugglling to get the levels to norman and the weight refuses to come off. I am on a very strict low cal high protein diet and pray it works. Good luck, Margie

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11/26/11 11:28 A

You said you were a walker--that is a great place to start! Try for a small amount first, then work up. I'm sure you are short on time so if you need to, you can divide it up into 3 times a day--early morning, lunch hour and evening. Could you get one or both of the kids to walk with you if you can't leave them behind? One summer I walked with my daughter and she and I had many nice long talks. They could also roller blade, ride a bike or scooter, or some other activity. I'm not a huge sparker, but if you want, I would correspond with you when you need to. I'm 51, have two kids in their early 20's and am getting back to spark after a bout with injury.


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11/22/11 10:24 A

I'm a mom to a 16 yo son and 12 yo daughter. Even though I haven't hit 40 yet I am pretty damn If you need someone to talk to or just vent to let me know. I know having someone who is in your shoes helps a ton. emoticon

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11/20/11 10:30 P

I would love to chat with you!!!! You look absolutely amazing and I bet you feel even better than that!!! Where did you start?? I am a walker...can I start there?

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11/20/11 8:41 P

I have a girl and a boy,but I am soon to be 42 and they are 15 and 11--will be happy to buddy up with you if you like! emoticon

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11/20/11 3:58 P

A great place to find a Spark Buddie with (say) a similar background or location would be to join a Spark Team. There are Spark Teams for just about anything. Here a link to a team for moms with boys.

There are so many great Spark Teams you could join. It really is a great way to meet people.

Here's a link to an article to help you find a Spark Buddy.

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11/20/11 3:52 P

I am really looking for someone to just chat with and make progress with in the "getting healthy" program! Maybe even someone who I can turn to rather than the food that I would stuff into my mouth....! Ha...

Here is who I am...does this sound like you at all?

I am a very busy mother of 2 boys ages 14 and 12. As busy as I am, there is still time for me...sometimes. But I choose not to use it wisely I think. I have always been a little overweight but now I am the heaviest I have ever been. Exercise isn't happening like it should and I am eating out of control. I am 44 so the 40's metabolism slow down is in full swing! I am a BIG stress, confort eater who ALWAYS turns to food. I have a very poor self food is there to make me feel better. I need to lose aobut 40 lbs. to look and feel better and healthier.

Any takers? Thanks!


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