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2/4/12 6:20 A

Steamfresh or birds eye makes microwave plain veggies in different variety you may want to look for
In terms of dip for raw veggies what about cottage cheese,hummus,salsa etc? As for serving size of celery I think you are overthinking this. Just take the amount you feel you would want to eat
I used to not like veggies but now really do. What helped was adding them to foods I did like so if you like eggs add some spinach,put extra in your turkey sandwich etc.

2/3/12 10:55 A

Thanks daniellemarie! Did you learn to love them by eating them everyday? Did you use a sauce then slowly wean yourself off? :)

2/3/12 10:44 A

You can learn to love vegetables, even raw vegetables, if you desire that change.

I used to be part of the "I hate vegetables" club. One day I got real and asked myself, "how's that working for ya?" Ummm....yeah, it wasn't. I had destroyed my health with my food choices and the only way to get it back was to make different choices.

It was hard. Change is hard. It was a process that took years but I can honestly say vegetables are now my favorite food. I not only love the way they taste but I am incredibly appreciative of the fact that I've been able to regain my health. I owe a lot of that to vegetables. I can't imagine going one day without vegetables.

It's funny, I understand the "how to eat more veggies" problem. I used to be there. But now I would be lost without them. It would be hard to wrap my brain around what I'd eat if someone said I couldn't have vegetables.

Most things worth doing are hard.

2/3/12 10:31 A

Thanks for the tips guys! :) I'll definitely do the celery and PB, what would be a good serving size? I definitely need to stop over eating. Yikes! I'll give steaming my veggies at work a try as well. I can't stand raw veggies unless they're dowsed in ranch dressing. Awful. I guess it's all about training myself to like new things. :) Can't stand peppers, tomatoes and avocados unfortunately. :(

2/3/12 9:31 A

I used to work in retail, too, it can be so easy to just grab a sugary/processed snack. But I found that once I started consciously seeking out the veggie snacks, I had more energy and then it became pretty easy to get healthy snacks once it was on my mind. So you're already partway there!

The great thing about veggies is that they aren't going to die if you can't refrigerate them, so you can bring veggies from home if you want. Baby carrots, celery sticks with a little bit of peanut butter, snap peas. Fruit is also a good occasional-snack option, so you can bring an apple or a banana or a pear and keep on hand to eat when hunger strikes. But of course, there's nothing wrong with the once-in-awhile granola bar, or some dried fruit or whatever. Another option is Greek yogurt, which is a filling snack for me when paired with a little bit of granola and a handful of berries.

Good luck!

2/3/12 9:24 A

You seem to have a belief that vegetables are more complicated to eat than other things. They're really not. It doesn't take any more effort to choose vegetables over processed snacks.

Just last night I found myself hungry for dinner when it was time to run my daughter to her 5:30 violin lesson. I took a little container and tossed in a sliced red pepper, some cherry tomatoes, and some snap peas. And I brought some iced tea in a drink bottle. I sat and had my snack while she had her lesson. It wasn't hard at all. I do it all the time.

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2/3/12 3:34 A

Do you get a meal break?
You got a lot of good suggestions
Baby carrots,sliced bell pepper,celery are easy to take along with some hummus or nut butter
If you have a microwave steam fresh veggies or vegetable soup can be heated
Salad for lunch with veggies,lean protein,healthy fat
Are you getting veggies at dinner or you can even put them in breakfast such as eggs with spinach

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2/3/12 3:33 A

If you don't want a sandwich, you can make or buy (though home made is better) some hummus and slice up carrots, peppers, celery or any crisp veg you might like to eat raw. Delicious! emoticon

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2/3/12 1:16 A

Is there any way you can bring an insulated lunch bag with you to work? You could pack things like carrots with ranch dressing (light or low fat, of course) for a healthy, vitamin-packed snack.

You can also pack a sandwich for lunch with extra lettuce (use more spinach than iceberg lettuce -- spinach contains more vitamins, iceberg lettuce is mostly water.) Pile your sandwich high with more vegetables and less cheese and sauces like mayo.

If you like avocados, you can also add them to sandwiches, salads, our just eat them on their own (just scrape the brown part off the top -- everything underneath will be fine to eat.) Avocados add a nice consistency to meals, I even use them to replace salad dressings. Avocados are also an excellent source of healthy dietary fat.

Veggies can also be snuck into many recipes. One of my favorites is adding broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms into my spaghetti sauce. It adds a lot of texture and tastes great while providing excellent vegetable nutrition.
Another thing about spaghetti -- ditch the high carb/high calorie noodles and replace them with spaghetti squash. Just cut the squash in half, gut it like you would a pumpkin and place the two halves face down on a cookie sheet with foil and cook for about 30 minutes. Let it cool then take a fork and make "noodles" by dragging a fork along the inside of the squash. You can have a huge plate for just a fraction of the calories that you would be getting with real spaghetti noodles.

Other quick tips:
Switch from regular white potatoes to sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes contain tons of vitamin A and fiber(keeps you feeling full). One way I like to prepare them is baked with a little bit of butter and cinnamon...very yummy. They also make good baked french fries -- especially dipped in ketchup.

Tomatoes can be added to almost anything to add an extra serving of vegetables to your day.

Go for leafy green vegetables. They provide more vitamins than lighter, mostly water-packed vegetables like iceberg lettuce.

Asparagus and brussel sprouts are delicious and great sources of vitamin C.

You definitely need vegetables every day to live a healthier life, but fruit is just as important and is easier to take with you on the go. Strawberries, apples, pears, oranges, etc. Try to avoid dried fruits as they provide a lot of calories per serving(a very small serving at that) and they often have a lot of extra sugar.

I hope this helps! For more information on healthy diets go to

Sorry if all this is a little overwhelming. I am studying to be a dietician and all this is just so interesting to me. I hope you become interested in it to, you will learn to love foods you never even knew existed and you will feel so much better!

Good luck!


2/3/12 12:30 A

Hey all!

I've plateaued and it's been suggested to me that I eat more veggies. My biggest thing is I work retail so I'm on my feet for 9 hours a day. I don't have much time to eat a well made veggie dish. Mainly I grab snacky things and munch on them throughout the day. Unfortunately these snacky things are chocolately Atkins bars, baked chips and craisons. Basically things meant as a reward snack not a three times a day snack. Lol! Do you guys have any suggestions for quick, easy snacks? Hopefully veggie snacks, but perhaps there is a special healthy item that you grab off the store shelf. :) I've resisted the almighty snickers bar and peanut butter cup but I can't help but feel that my present snacking is doing me wrong.

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