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1/21/13 8:12 P

@ Alorta: Your post was very motivational to me. Though I'm retired, I keep putting my exercise off until I also say, "Oh, well!" Though I'm not the OP, than's for your tips.

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1/21/13 7:22 P

My motivation came from linking two problems I had together;
I'm not a morning riser (but need to be up for classes), and I habitually put things off.
If I say I'll exercise today, I'll keep thinking I'll do it later until I start thinking that its too late and 'oh well'. Also, waking up in the morning was an arduous effort *every* time, And I'd be feeling half-dead all through my lessons as if I hadn't slept at all.
It took some effort to pull it off at first, but I started to exercise before class (yes, waking up even earlier -_-; ). The first two weeks were hard, but I noticed that by the time I showered, I was far more awake than I would have been had I had the extra hour (I gave myself 15min to just crawl out and start exercising) of sleep! Also, I stopped getting sleeping around 11am and I had more energy all day. On TOP of that, I somehow seemed to eat less without really meaning to!
Also, after 2 weeks of painfully pushing myself out of bed, it became more or less a habit, and if I missed a day I was in a slump until the next morning.

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1/21/13 7:14 P

Make exercising a hobby - my friends know not to try to get me to schedule things during certain times during the week for this reason.

Also for me I found some amazing Les Mill classes at my gym that I love and that is what got me to the gym. Then my friend and me found amazing 5ks to do, like last year we did LivingSocial's Glow-in-the-Dark 5k and this year we're doing Warrior Dash and Foam Fest. And because of knowing I'll be going to those after I finish a class, I go run on the threadmill for 30 minutes and run a 5k 2-3 times per week to make sure I'm fit enough for it.

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (40,557)
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1/21/13 6:52 P

PS - Another motivational tip I use for myself is when I see a post that particularly inspires me, I click on that person's profile. Frequently I will see blogs on their weight loss or fitness journey. The biggest tip I can offer for motivation is to stay on this site and read, read, read. emoticon

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1/21/13 6:46 P

Thank you so much for that. helped alot

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (40,557)
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1/21/13 6:45 P

Wow - you have some great things going for you. Since you love to cook, you will enjoy learning about and creating superbly healthy dishes. (Myself? I hate to cook!) Second - you like to walk - another plus! We all like to eat, but the problem with many of us is we eat too much and all the wrong things. You have some great things going for you. Another plus you have is that you're still very young. You have your whole life before you. It IS the year for you. My tip for you is to read the success stories. You will see how these folks have overcome obstacles to reach their goals. It's the success stories which keep me motivated. You can do it. This is YOUR YEAR!

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1/21/13 6:32 P

My friends and i are trying so hard to lose weight and be healthier but it just seems easier to be lazy and not excercise or cook healthy. Im sick of being Fat and 2013 is the year to lose my spare tyre. can anyone please help me and share with me some tips that you have found useful while losing weight?

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