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1/3/13 9:18 P


I went to the gym because taking a 10 minute walk is not really possible here right now ~ it is dark, VERY cold and icey. The good knews is when I got to the gym, I stayed for 30 minutes and feel better.

Thank you all for your support!

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1/3/13 8:08 P

I agree with earlier comments that if you are too tired for the gym then try to go for just 10 minutes of movement. Sometimes when you get that 10 minutes behind you it takes the pressure off.

Tomorrow is a new day! Keep your chin up.

It's a new dawn....
It's a new day....
It's a new life for me...
And I'm feeling good...

I will be overweight for a little bit longer ...but starting TODAY, I will be a little less overweight than I was yesterday!
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1/3/13 5:32 P

Great job on your way to your goal! Staci emoticon

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1/3/13 5:31 P

Thank you!

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1/3/13 5:17 P

Having adequate sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. If you can, go for a short ten minute walk, and just forget the gym. If you feel that you are absolutely too tired then take the opportunity to rest. You are NOT a failure if you decide to do what's best for you.

Don't ever let anyone else tell you who you can be

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1/3/13 5:10 P

I did not sleep at all last night and I have no motivation to go to the gym today. HELP! Thank you, Staci

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