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10/1/11 8:53 P

I have no polls to take any more either and think they're a lot of fun. Can we reset or click into a new set?

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PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 12,400
8/4/11 6:37 P

Would it be possible to RESET the poll questions like we do the Quizzes and Articles and Health A/Z? This seems like a good solution because you wouldn't be so pressured to come up with new questions all the time.

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 12,400
8/3/11 11:26 A

Since I respond to 7 polls/week and have used all of the questions at this point, one/week only helps me for one day. Is it possible to add more than this? Thank You.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 33,358
8/3/11 9:31 A

Thanks for the feedback. We do add new poll questions (usually at least one a week).

Coach Denise

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PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 12,400
8/2/11 10:57 P

I have been on SP for 2 years and I have responded to all of the Poll questions. Can you please add new ones as I doubt I am the only one?

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