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5/29/09 8:42 A

Hello, that is a great idea. I was chosen as a Wellness Champion at work and have to come up with ideas or activities and this sounds like something I would like to do. Can you give me details on how to organized it and how it works to present it to my co workers. Thank you! Also if you have any other great ideas please let me know. Thank you in advance!

MRSORANGE Posts: 120
4/22/09 3:01 P

I have hosted this same kind of event 3 times now. We weighed in EVERY Friday (as to keep people accountable) We also have people pay if they skip a weigh-in ($5), and also pay $1 for every pound they gain (rounded to the nearest pound). The first challenge the prize pool exceeded $450.

I am starting a new one in a week. This is going to have a points system and participants will earn point for daily activities. Once they get to a certain amount of points, they will receive a small prize.

Just keeps things interesting.

Good luck! let me know if you need anything else!



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CMR132 Posts: 121
4/22/09 2:19 P

I've decided to put together a Workplace Weight Loss Challenge and most of the girls here are joining. I was wondering if anyone has done this before and what they did to keep it interesting. We are all throwing in 20.00 and whoever loses the highest percentage of weight wins-It will be a 3 month challenge. Anyone got any suggestions?
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