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While SparkPeople is a great source of advice for general information, when it comes to questions that regard exercises following an injury, your doctor is the best source of advice as to what exercises you have been cleared to do and when you can start up. If you are in pain, it is best to refrain from exercising until you get your doc's clearance.

I wish you a SPEEDY recovery!

Coach Nancy

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bike? no impact on the knee but a lot of knee movement. My suggestion is that you check with your doctor though. Best wishes.

1/6/13 7:29 P

A week ago I went to the e.r for my knee found out I had fluid on the knee. Well it was feeling better so I did a little workout yesterday none thing to hard. I woke up today and my knee is in pain well my question is does anyone have any good workouts I can do without doing to much with my knee?

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