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1/8/13 7:30 P

I took a look at your nutrition tracker and there are several concerns.

Even for a short time period (12 weeks), your eating plan is dangerously low in fat (as already mentioned); and you are taking in too much protein through the whey and protein powder supplements. Fat is needed for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, it lubricates your system and helps with softer bowel movements, it keeps your gallbladder working properly.

--Cut back on the protein supplements
--Add in some fat: full fat salad dressings, saute veggies in olive oil, add butter, margarine, sour cream, avacado, nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, whole eggs, etc. On your 1500-1600 calories daily---Aim for at least 35 grams of fat daily.

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1/8/13 4:40 P

What about trying to move to 5-6 smaller meals each day instead of the typical 3 meals? Less food to get down, albeit more often. That what was recommended to a friend when she had no appetite at all.

Hope this helps.

1/8/13 4:30 P

Yeah, it's very low in fat and is only for a very, very short time. Roughly twelve weeks, hopefully less. I only have about 15 lbs to lose, but it needs to come off fairly slow to preserve the muscle I've added.

When I'm in maintenance I eat 40%, 40%, 20%, which allows for a good deal of flexibility.

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1/8/13 3:55 P

I'm not familiar with what you do when trying to cut body fat, but I'm assuming that is the reason why you eat such a low-fat diet? One of my suggestions was going to be to switch to chicken thighs instead of breast, so you can get the same amount of calories by eating less. But, thighs are higher in fat as they are dark meat. Also, you really do eat the same things every day, maybe try to mix it up a little bit? Find maybe 4-5 meals you can eat and rotate them, that way you aren't getting bored. Maybe explore other proteins... lean red meat, or maybe fish. Or, stick with the chicken but find different ways to make it, maybe have a chicken salad one day, a wrap another day, or cook it a different way with different sauce or something like that. Might make it easier to eat it.

The other suggestion of eating 5 smaller meals a day is good one too, that might help you as well... less food to face in one sitting.

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1/8/13 3:52 P

I have never had this problem -- usually I have the opposite! But have you tried drinking smoothies or protein shakes? They are easy to eat and to me, drinking calories doesn't feel like eating. For me this is a negative (so I avoid drinking my calories) but for you it might be a benefit!

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1/8/13 3:42 P

sounds like you are in a real struggle. I am not sure what exactly to say but to eat healthy foods that you like and try to eat gd calorie dense foods. are you breaking it uo into 5 small meals a day? the only way i can do it is to break it down into 5. hmm i would be curious as to your mindset as well when you eat what is your head saying? i have to tell myself its ok to eat, i have a voice in my head that tells me not to eat to much cause i will get fat. hope u can figure it out... hugs.

1/8/13 3:31 P

My nutrition and exercise trackers are public if that helps.

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1/8/13 3:29 P

It would be helpful to know what you are trying to eat. What about trying to eat more caloric dense foods... like nuts, cheese (the real stuff, not cheese sticks or slices), dried fruits, stuff like that? That way you aren't having to eat as much to get the same calorie amounts.

1/8/13 3:09 P

I am trying to cut bodyfat from 25% to 20%, so I'm in a caloric deficit. The problem is the quantity of food I have to eat is so large and the last couple of days I am struggling to eat it. It's not that it tastes bad, it's just that I don't feel like eating it. Given the amount of exercise I do and my lean weight, I should be HUNGRY, but I'm not.

I know eating in front of the TV is a bad thing, but I've tried that in order to mindlessly consume this portion of food. It took me 30 minutes to eat my breakfast the last two days, and I've worked out today and can't seem to get myself to eat lunch.

My weight loss has been steady and good, about four pounds or so in three weeks, so I know I'm not undereating, but I want to make sure I get my calories in. I don't want to reach the point where I'm gagging it down. That's the worst! I do eat somewhat repetitively, but I don't feel bored with my food, it's just that my appetite isn't what it should be.

Does anyone else struggle like this? What helps??

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