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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,416
10/19/13 8:52 P

I totally agree with GypsyGoth

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
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10/19/13 4:56 P

It's called NATURE! In all of its wonderfulness!

Studies show that:
Enough sunshine (vitamin D) can combat depression (a leading cause of weight gain for many of us!)
Being around trees makes you happier (legit!) ...and conversely, having no nature around makes you sad
Eating "the rainbow" of healthful vegetables and fruits available to us is the surest way to good health, and with it comes weight loss because you're too full of goodness and fiber and water to eat crap.

Give it a shot! It's an amazing, magical thing!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,416
10/19/13 4:51 P

I threw away my bottles of Green Coffee Bean. I thought they made my blood pressure jump about 20 points. And they did. After I stopped taking it, my BP went back to normal.

I am usually like 115 over 69 with that GCB, I was 130 over 90. Throwing them away was the best thing I ever did.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
10/18/13 10:22 A

I wound up throwing out bottles full of green tea supplements ... they would give me just a little lift that lasted for a little time, and then I'd felt as fatigued as before ...

I have found I really have to suck it up ...

But, once in a while a whole bottle of Runa clean energy zero or a freshly brewed iced tea does it for me ... in the energy department ...

Keeping my foods natural in the weight management department, irrespective of energy "replenishment" is what works.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
10/18/13 8:30 A

To a PP - detoxing is not needed, and I very much doubt we have "metals" built up in our system.

To the OP - I agree with others. No magic pill - or patch.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,416
10/17/13 1:04 P

I tried some products and all they did was raise my blood pressure and make my heart race.

As far as the slim patch. I think that the makers throw out that it is popular in Europe or France because Americans and other countries seem to be crazy for all things European. I have some family over there and they are not talking about the Slim Patch.

I am always generally talking about health and fitness and none of my over seas family members have mentioned the Slim Patch.

Perhaps some of our French spark people could tell us if it is really popular in France?

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LISAMPIERCE SparkPoints: (3,047)
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10/17/13 12:39 P

I am using spirulina and chlorella capsules for protein and it helps with weight loss. Am also using garcinia cambogia. And it helps me alot. Never could lose weight before but I am now. It gets your body balanced out. Hope this helps.

LISAMPIERCE SparkPoints: (3,047)
Fitness Minutes: (2,012)
Posts: 17
10/2/13 3:55 P

I have always had a hard time making the scales move for me....even eating the organic healthy food and sticking to my calories and exercise but now I am taking spirulina and chlorella. and the scales are moving daily it seems like...spirulina is a protein that is so healthy for us both of these are green food that is absolutely amazing. Chlorella cleanes the body of metals and we all have metals and toxin build up that can keep us from losing weight. I am amazed at both of these. Do research on these green foods and you too will be amazed.

HIP-WITCH Posts: 9,534
10/2/13 8:39 A

I have taken Ayurvedic herbs and they made me manic. Even natural preparations can interact with other medications.

JAN0305 SparkPoints: (42)
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10/2/13 7:36 A

HI, Thanks for all the responses. Heard about slim patch revolution from a friend, not sure if they are any good? aparently very popular in France at the moment. any ideas?

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
9/30/13 6:05 P

I'm using a protein drink that's all natural, but not sure if that's what's you're looking for. And, there is no quick fix. Diet and exercise will do the trick. I wouldn't go with a patch.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,274
9/30/13 10:12 A

i wish there was something that worked! honestly eating properly and working out will eventually help with that problem area. i'm down a fairly good amount and i really don't think my belly has gone down at all- my legs and upper body are visibly smaller though. just keep making healthy choices and you'll eventually get those results.

it would be awesome if there was something that helped us along, but we have to work for it- and really, it'll be SO much better because of all the sweat we put into it!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/30/13 8:39 A

sorry to break your bubble, but there's no quick fix or magic solution that lasts

Make it a lifetime commitment to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
It will not only do you good, but be a great way to bring up your little one

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,452
9/30/13 8:18 A

The only thing that's proven to help you lose weight is a healthy diet and regular exercise. You can't target fat loss to a specific area of the body, but eventually, it should start to come from those areas where you carry excess. I'd save your money and avoid any products that promise big weight loss results :)

Coach Jen

JAN0305 SparkPoints: (42)
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Posts: 14
9/30/13 7:02 A

I am trying to lose weight for some time now but the still can't lose my after pregnancy belly. Can anyone here recommend anything natural to help me out? never used anything like that before but heard about patches that you put directly on your skin? Thanks!

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