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2/18/13 9:00 P

I put all my favorites in the garage refrigerator. It is freezing out there. I have to REALLY want something to brave the cold to get it!

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2/18/13 8:46 P

I never knew that dehydration can give a false sense of hunger. I'll increase my water intake for that reason and see what happens. I glean from this that the water intake can be done at any time, not at the time appetite strikes? It's primarily at night that I invade the kitchen; additional water then would give me extra wake-up trips to the loo.

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2/18/13 7:34 P

water! If you are dehydrated you will think you are hungry...try drinking a glass of water, and if you are still hungry, then eat a light snack

DIANAHALLOCK SparkPoints: (32,137)
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2/18/13 4:16 P

Brush and floss your teeth!! It has a bit of sweetness and who wants to ruin a clean mouth with food!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
2/18/13 3:37 P

@anarie, the green bean trick, now that's the best darn idea I've seen in a long long time. Gotta try that one.

SYLPHINPROGRESS SparkPoints: (98,132)
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2/18/13 3:30 P

SP members are some of the most wonderful people in the world. Ask a question and here they come. Thanks you all for your input, some of which truly tickles me:

LUCK IN LOVE -- "minty fresh?" You sound charmingly like a commercial. I do see your point, though.

UNIDENT -- "Why can't you just eat when you're hungry? dietary reason not to [snack]. -- My problem these days is eating when I'm hungry and when I'm not hungry. It's primarily the fabled late-night thing. I have a good, sane dinner and later, boom! Snacking fiesta. I did well for most of last week, but have been caving in since. Was hoping for a food known the decrease appetite.

ANARIE -- I love your "green bean test." Playing little tricks on myself has gotten me far many times and your suggestion is likely to work very well. I loathe canned vegetables (having been raised on them) and your technique sounds like the acid test.

ZORITSA Posts: 275
2/18/13 3:30 P

Since you say it's at night...Celestial Seasonings has their Sleepytime tea that is oh so good and wont keep up at night.I add a tiny bit of stevia to mine and it's wonderful.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
2/18/13 2:30 P

Do the "green bean test." Buy a few cans of green beans (or some other low-calorie food that you neither like nor hate.) When the munchies hit, ask yourself, "Am I hungry enough to eat those beans?" If the answer is yes, eat them and have an extra veggie serving for the day. If the answer is no, then you're not really hungry. Ask yourself why you want to eat. For most people, late-night eating is usually about either boredom or fatigue rather than hunger, so the best natural appetite suppressant is usually sleep!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/18/13 2:16 P

hot herbal tea (the caffeine-free kinds) works for me much of the time. not always, mind you. sometimes my appetite is "for real" and I end up either being hungry and just dealing with it, or eating something.

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2/18/13 2:12 P

are you experiencing actual hunger or head hunger?

If you have actual hunger, you should leave room for a night time snack.

If you have head hunger, I find a cup of hot tea helps.

2/18/13 1:59 P

chia seeds

HHB4181 SparkPoints: (83,738)
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2/18/13 1:55 P

I drink a cup of tea

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2/18/13 1:34 P

You probably don't want to take anything light at night because of the caffaine.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/18/13 1:16 P

Why can't you just eat when you're hungry? Do you suffer from indigestion when you try to sleep too close to eating?

If not, just go ahead and plan some space in your day for a late night snack and have at it. There's no dietary reason not to.

Instead of taking some kind of unproven supplement to try to make you not-hungry - eat when you're hungry.

2/18/13 11:06 A

Cinnamon is supposed to help with appetite.

2/18/13 11:04 A

Brushing my teeth is a natural appetite suppressant for me. I can't stand the taste of food when my mouth is minty least for a good half hour and by that time, I've realized I don't NEED to eat anything extra, I just was going to do it out of habit and it's not worth doing.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
2/18/13 11:03 A

I find that, although I'm not too keen on the taste, regular black tea with nothing added. I just brew 8 little bags in a pot over the stove, let it steep for about 15 minutes on low heat, pour it into a gallon jug and fill with water, press the bags really hard to get the strength out, let it cool, then stick it in the fridge. After a couple of swallows of it, I'm not hungry anymore.

SYLPHINPROGRESS SparkPoints: (98,132)
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2/18/13 10:36 A

I'm having a nightmare time with late-night eating. Does there exist a "natural" appetite suppressant that is not prescription or any of those weird, suspicious over-the-counter products? Some low-calorie food that contains an enzyme or some such? Or is it too much to hope for?

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