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1/15/13 2:30 P

Thank you. I'll look it up on the tracker.

And it's not so much losing fat in certian areas. I want to build muscle up in all areas so that when the fat does go, where ever it does doesn't look too shrunken compared to the rest of me. Basically, a full body tone.

My mother used to run a lot, and when she lost weight it was all in her legs, but she never did anything else, so she looks like a candy apple, round, size 18 on top and size 12 on bottom. I'd like to avoid that, so I work out my full body, not just the parts I want to lose.

That, and strengthening my glutes would be much better for my hip, which I only have half of now, so I need to protect what's left.

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1/15/13 2:12 P

I don't know the actual name of it, but when we did these in my body blast class they were called "donkey kicks." They are really awesome. There's an alternate move my instructors called a "dirty dog" that involved the same basic motion, but to the side.

However, I will say that there's no point in trying to lose weight in certain parts of your body. :) I assume based on your statement that you're trying to lose weight proportionally that you mean you're trying to lose weight in certain areas, but not others.

Unfortunately, this isn't possible. You can't target where your fat comes off by doing certain exercises. This is because fat loss is a total-body process. When you do an exercise, your muscles take their energy from the blood stream... not the surrounding fat stores.

Doing glute workouts will help your butt look and feel better by stregthening those muscles, but it won't reduce the fat. Where you lose is determined largely by genetics, not the exercises you do.

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1/15/13 1:25 P

So coach Nicole has a new video that's great. It's got two really simple exercises for the gluts, and since I'm trying to lose weight in such a way that I remain proportional, it sounds awesome to me.

I have one problem. I can't do lunges, so I need the name of the second exercise, which she doesn't give in the video. Does anyone know what it is? I'd like to be able to track it on my fitness tracker.
The video is two minutes, if you want to check what she's doing there.

Any help is much appreciated!!!

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