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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/22/13 1:38 P

what everyone else has said, and they are some very good points

- timing of entry
- country in which they live
- manufacturer, and whether they have reformulated the item

SP entries, as said, are fairly reliable; others, well you have to sometimes be on your toes.

My worst experience is when someone puts "one serving" which, to me, indicates nothing.
When I enter things, I put in measurements, whether it's grams as based on the serving size of the label, or volume measurements (cups, for instance)

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,874
3/22/13 11:57 A

This is why I usually enter my own information

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3/22/13 11:50 A

Not only that, but it really matters what country you are in compared to where the user who made the entry was in. Different countries have different requirements as to nutrition information and a product sold in the US and in Canada may have different values and serving sizes.

That's why I always use a grain of salt when checking what's in the tracking database.

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FTSOLK Posts: 1,355
3/22/13 11:37 A

This is one of the reasons why I dislike the Sparkpeople tracker. Not because entries are often incorrect, but because it is a multiple-step process to view the information, and it slows it down. This is especially true for the iPhone app. There are other apps out there that allow you to view the full NI without having to go through multiple steps.

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LOTUS737 Posts: 2,056
3/22/13 10:52 A

Also, the new 'voting' feature allows you to vote on user-entered nutritional information and say whether it's correct. I think that is supposed to help with this problem.

It is frustrating sometimes, but when in doubt I enter the info myself [if it's for a packaged meal i date it as well].

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3/22/13 10:34 A

Just as a side note, using all caps is considered "shouting" online, and may be interpreted as angry or rude. :)

Look at the entries you're using. Do they have a username beside them? If they do, they are entered by users, and may be inaccurate. Sparkpeople does have a system for user verficiation, but this is a HUGE database, and it's difficult for them to do so. They have millions of users, all entering data, and they can't manually verify everything.

I either double check the entries I use, use SP's default entries, or enter my own.

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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
3/22/13 10:18 A

Keep in mind, also, that packaged or frozen foods or restaurants will change their nutrition info- So it could just be an old entry.

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3/22/13 10:14 A

It does indicate when the entry is from another user rather than Sparkpeople, so you are warned that it isn't an "official" source. I have found that if it is a SP entry, it is usually correct. If I use an entry from another user, I double-check it verses my package and enter it in myself if necessary. Food companies tweak things all the time, and what may have been a correct entry 4 months ago, may be slightly off now.

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3/22/13 9:52 A


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