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SparkPoints: (54,915)
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Posts: 9,520
2/12/13 7:09 P

Enter your own value for tea, or search for a different entry that has the correct information. Be sure and flag that one as incorrect!

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Fitness Minutes: (11)
Posts: 1
2/12/13 3:02 P

the sodium content for iced tea showed up as 750. twice a day wouldgive me 1500, which is almost half a days amount. Is there a wayto correct this. I beleive it should be 0 for the tea.

Posts: 78
2/11/13 12:41 P

This is exactly why I enter my foods myself. I don't trust some of the entries.

Posts: 13,073
2/10/13 6:23 P

I input all my own information, in ounces. I don't use grams.

SparkPoints: (54,915)
Fitness Minutes: (14,158)
Posts: 9,520
2/10/13 4:10 P

You can verify foods by clicking on the nutrition info for them; by doing so, you'll help Sparkpeople weed out the bad ones.

Posts: 26,001
2/10/13 3:50 P

Then just use the Sparkpeople entries---these come from the USDA food data base and are updated on a regular basis.
Dietitian Becky

Posts: 11,523
2/10/13 2:41 P

besides what has already been mentioned different regions and different countries sometimes have different nutrition info for the same items.

i also think that when they first started letting users share info, the default was share and you had to manually change it to not share [then they realized what a mess that was and swapped it].

SparkPoints: (2,840)
Fitness Minutes: (3,229)
Posts: 21
2/10/13 2:35 P

I input all my own stuff

SparkPoints: (92,867)
Fitness Minutes: (53,837)
Posts: 4,907
2/10/13 2:22 P

best way to avoid this is to input your own foods, especially things that you use regularly, and mark them as favourites. That way you aren't using someone else's figures.

Posts: 2,174
2/10/13 2:18 P

What I don't understand is, for a user-entered item to show up in the database, the user has to go out of their way to "share manually entered foods." I don't mind how people want to enter foods for their own personal convenience, but, then, DON'T SHARE those items!

I do wish there was a filter (and maybe there is) that would remove user-input entries from the shared database if they receive too many "incorrect" votes.

Edited by: BUNNYKICKS at: 2/10/2013 (14:19)

SparkPoints: (15,605)
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Posts: 2,171
2/10/13 2:01 P

Keep in mind SP has been around for years, and some of the entries can be very old, plus manufacturers often change their values on the boxes. For example, I had fiber bars that used to say 130 calories, now they say 120, so the entry from before would now be wrong based on the new packages. The best option is to do your own entries or use the ones that Spark has entered.

I do wish everyone would fill out the form completely though, and include stuff like sodium, instead of just the ones they are interested in.

Edited by: YOJULEZ at: 2/10/2013 (14:02)

Posts: 2,174
2/10/13 1:50 P

I try to use the "Spark entries" and not the "user entries" because of this issue. When i choose a user-entered item I double-check the nutrition information. If it's right, I put it on my favorites list for future use.

SparkPoints: (31,485)
Fitness Minutes: (16,251)
Posts: 756
2/10/13 1:47 P

I wonder the same thing. I know I have to scroll through so many of the exact same item just to find one that is correct.

SparkPoints: (119,709)
Fitness Minutes: (62,699)
Posts: 8,359
2/10/13 1:42 P

Every time i go to check a food for nutrition it is wrong ! Can't people read and input the right amounts in grams ? Why doesn't SP correct it ? It's nice to have the feature but a pain when it is almost always incorrect . Yes i do " vote " on them .

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