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4/10/12 12:13 A

you just need to preplan and pack your lunch/dinner for work. keeps you away from the temptations of vending machines, sweets, empty calories that may be present in the work place.

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4/9/12 1:13 P

I work out in the community in private homes with geriatric, rehab and dying clients).. If my food isn't healthy I am a dead battery by 12 am.. I walk on a average of 5kms daily between my clients and my nurse co-workers do the double..

We don't have on the go places to find food- it is a obligatory lunch box as are not allowed to be seen purchasing junkfood in work hours in our uniform lol..

Big shock for nursing staff in the states? My work time lunch break is 29 minutes so I have to have my lunch box with me just incase I am stuck out in the field.. Many days I can get in for my lunch- but sometimes people don't get ill, mess their pants or even die thinking about our lunch break time lol..

Then when the 29 minutes is gone- I have a time plan I have to keep and hold like the holy bible so people get their toilet visits and efternoon coffee to time without my boss and cardholders being chimed off the richter scales where their help is at.. Being late can mean the difference between a nappy change and giving a elderly person a full bath.. Many of my dement people live alone at home and need help to get to a toilet on time..
So the food I eat has to carry me well- in the weekend I can have up to 18 obligatory visits 6 of them with a partner and that is breakfast, lunch and efternoon visits whom like me turning up and being someone to talk to.. No time to stop any where and steal time from clients there either..


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4/9/12 11:05 A

You just need to pack your lunch the day/night before. I know its hard, you're tired all you want to do is relax or go to bed (depending on the shift). But if you don't do it you'll never eat right. Even just packing some frozen Lean Cuise or Weight Watchers meals would be better than vending machine food.

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4/9/12 7:57 A

I too work the night shift and I bring a Jimmy Dean Delight at about 260 calories and an orange. I usually eat it around 430 am. I dont eat again until I get up around 3-4 pm. I have something light like a Pure Protein bar and exercise and then dinner around 7pm. I take some celery, carrots, apples oranges to eat if I feel hungry before midnight. Cans of tuna, homemade vegetable soup, a bag of green giant broccoli and cheese sauce is very filling and good for you. I sometimes even drink sodium free chicken broth, it helps when I am trying to save calories for a special meal. Good luck!

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4/9/12 7:43 A

I just bring meals with me and healthy snacks and drink lots of water. the way i look at bad food is I think of how much cardio I would ahve to do to burn it off and that helps lol

EFP111 Posts: 54
4/9/12 4:43 A

What SUMSUM said. I work 12 hour night shifts with temptations all over the hospital. I plan my meals, pack my meals, and eat nothing else but what I bring to work. All I drink at work is water.

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4/9/12 3:19 A

Not a nurse, I am a correctional office, but i work night shift. I bring all my snacks for the night, lots of fruit and veggies and just stick to it. I dont bring any cash so i cant hit vending and i sya no to offers for junk

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4/8/12 1:12 A

I had my first day back at work as a GNA (geriatric nursing assistant) today, and I never realized how many yummy (yet fatty!) temptations are around!!
There's always easy to eat on-the-go foods such as pizza or chips around because that's all we have time to eat.
Instead, today I brought whole-wheat Ritz to pick at instead of chips and instead of diving into the pizza and Mt.Dew during my break, I ate leftover pasta and diet Coke that I had brought from home!
It was satisfying and much more healthier

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