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NEWPMA Posts: 881
12/13/09 7:58 A

This is somthing i've had to be really careful about over the last few weeks. i wear my engagement wedding and eternity ring together and they used to be really tight now when i wash or dry my hands i have to push them back on. After that story i'm keeping an even closer eye on them i'd be so upset if i lost one.

CHUCKLES0719 Posts: 692
12/13/09 7:18 A

Such a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing with us. emoticon

12/8/09 7:08 P

Thanks for sharing this story with us. It's such a big deal to be able to slip those rings on again and how sweet and romantic that your hubby got to see that!

BAGLADY77 Posts: 171
12/8/09 4:17 P

I'm really sad for your loss but very happy for your success. Maybe the ring will show up yet.

12/8/09 1:16 P


DANAVB Posts: 375
12/7/09 8:28 P

I'm really glad your husband was there to share that moment. Perhaps you found your ring but you definitely found something special that you'd lost!!!

PURPLEBABYBEE SparkPoints: (45,785)
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Posts: 1,849
12/3/09 11:22 A

That's just awesome. I am so sorry you lost your anniversary ring but so happy for that you can know were your weeding rings. Have a great day.

DEE107 SparkPoints: (752,016)
Fitness Minutes: (393,760)
Posts: 459,097
12/1/09 2:40 P

congrADS TO YOU Hugs

NATTIEGAL82 Posts: 129
12/1/09 8:44 A

what an awesome story! i actually feel a little teary eyed

CAROL3SAN Posts: 20,118
11/30/09 10:42 A

Congratulations!!! You know something, the same thing happened to me two different times! The first time it happened it was wearing my ruby ring that I love and had began to wear it every day. One day I noticed it was missing. Well I was upset and looked everywhere for it. I didn't find it until a couple of days latter. It was under my dinning room table.

Another time I lost my dead husband's wedding band. I was wearing it on my thunb. I was frantically looking for it and finally found it on the floor of my car. Each time I was blessed to recover my ring, and couldn't help but smile and relish in the fact that I am meeting my weight loss goal a little at a time every day.
Keep up the good work!!

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LIFE_IS_SO_GOOD SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,345
11/30/09 9:01 A

Sorry about the loss ... but congratulations on your success!

ANTCOF SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,511)
Posts: 187
11/28/09 1:43 P

Congratulations! Skinny fingers is good too. Hopefully, you will find the ring. All the best. emoticon

DIOZZE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (76,498)
Posts: 5,992
11/28/09 9:55 A

Congratulations! Maybe the loss of the anniversary ring was Gods way of telling you the wedding ring now fit. If it had not been lost you would still be wearing it. Please do not think I am being flippant I have just found that over the years things happen for a reason. One we sometimes do not understand.

HELLAVAHC Posts: 333
11/28/09 8:54 A

What an awesome story. I am so glad you look at the loss of your band as a new opportunity for your wedding rings. Great outlook and great job!

JUNKQUEEN2 Posts: 57
11/28/09 8:27 A

Odd, no matter how much my weight changes my fingers never change a bit.
I was 135 on my wedding day, today I'm 206 and my ring is still fits exactly as it always has.

FRAN0426 Posts: 19,272
11/5/09 10:53 P

A very good point about checking to make sure rings are fitting properly. emoticon on your weight loss

ROXIT22222 Posts: 256
11/4/09 7:44 P

What a great story. Sorry you've losed the ring. The moment you put on the weding ring and and saw your husband watching you brought tears to my eyes, and some how I could see a tag line.. "this moment brought to you by no Sparks People. emoticon

PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
11/4/09 1:40 P

Congrats/Condolences... I know it is wonderful to lose the weight, and very sad to lose your ring. don't give up on it - it may yet turn up. Last year I lost the diamond out of my ring - I heard it fall in the restroom while I was drying my hands. Looked everywhere, couldn't find it, but there was a grate in the floor... and maintenance came in and used a shop vac... and I heard it 'ching" as it got sucked in.

Check your clothes hamper, the frame of your bed, and places you think it could not possibly be... I hope you find it!

BROWND505 Posts: 1,563
11/4/09 8:29 A

Congrats on your weight loss. Sorry about the ring, but being able to wear your wedding rings again must be a great feeling. That gives me motivation to get mine sized though. My wedding rings are too loose and so are my other rings. My engagement ring and wedding band are a matched set and are soldered together. So thankfully they are still a little thick to fall off, but I better get them sized before they aren't.

BAKER1009 Posts: 9,516
11/3/09 5:23 P

Congrats on the weight loss. Sorry you lost your ring, but glad the others now fit again, that's awesome!

HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (417,665)
Fitness Minutes: (121,220)
Posts: 30,634
11/1/09 9:02 A

What a bitter/sweet moment you had. Sorry for the loss but wow wearing your wedding ring again, you sure are doing something right!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

AHEALTHIERME9 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,019)
Posts: 2,574
11/1/09 8:40 A

Well, my SparkFriends... this measure of success is a little bitter-sweet, but still, a success nonetheless.

A few days ago, I was on the computer posting a comment on a SparkFriend's status, and as I was typing, I happened to glance down and noticed that my anniversary band (which I've been wearing for the past ten years) was not on my finger.

The panic that set in was overwhelming! That ring had such sentimental value. My DH had given it to me for our 9th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful; it had 9 diamonds set into a beautiful thick gold band. I was looking forward to passing it down to one of my children one day!

While everyone else in the house was tucked in and on their way to dreamland, I was retracing my steps of the day, searching every inch of my floors, searching each room of the house, every sink, every piece of furniture, until I just gave up and went to bed. Consequently, I didn't sleep well and woke up feeling really sad.

The next day, I called a few places I had been at the day prior, and no one had found or turned in a ring.

Yesterday, DH thoroughly checked every part of my car, the grass outside, the walkway, the backyard, the patio, etcetera. No luck.

So this morning, I opened up my jewelry box, pulled out my engagement and wedding rings (they are curved and fit into each other) and took a deep breath. Would they fit? I haven't been able to wear them in YEARS. I would say, oh, about the same ten years that I've been wearing my anniversary band.

I started to slip them onto my finger, went a little further... hmmm... went a little further... AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY! And so I stood there looking at them, thinking how truly beautiful they are, and it took me back to our wedding day and all the wonderfulness of that day.
I was smiling... just by myself, lost in my thoughts, when I turned around and my hubby was watching and smiling as well. That was a very cool moment.

And so, my SparkFriends, today I can write about this blog with a much better frame of mind than I would have been able to three days ago. Today marks YET ANOTHER fantastic measure of success; and although that anniversary band is gone, I will always have the memories associated with it and I will always have this morning's wonderful moment of being able to slip on my rings and feel such sheer joy to be able to do so.

SO A NOTE TO THE WISE, in case this is something you haven't considered!!!! ( I know I didn't) Remember to pay attention to those rings, guys and gals, because as we're losing weight, so are our fingers! ;)

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