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7/19/14 3:06 A

When I have a break in our farm schedule, I plan to start the Fast Metabolism Diet. -- From what I've read (before I had to return the book to the library), there is a shift 3 x's in every week (to keep the body guessing!).

Looks like August is when I can give this a go for 28 days!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,307
7/17/14 8:23 A

Sue, I have NEVER been able to lose weight on what Sparks says I should have, so do what works for you. I have to be on a Low Carb diet like Atkins for me to see the scale move, but that is what works for me, so you will need to do what works for you. I understand how frustrating it is to do this for three months and see no results. I would certainly go lower than that 1500 calories. I follow Richard Bernstein M.D who wrote "The Diabetes Solution" and has great lectures on YouTube. He's had Type 1 diabetes since he was 12 and was told he wouldn't live past 42, but he is a healthy 78. He uses a Low Carb diet and he has no complications now. 95% of his patients have Type 2 diabetes. I have Insulin Resistance and he says that ALL obese people are IR so he uses the Low Carb diet. I got his book at the library.

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7/17/14 7:00 A

Hi, I'm 53 as well.

You feel better and have lost inches! emoticon Why don't you tweak things a bit now. Lower your calories, or add more protein and less carbs to your ratio. Take an extra walk sometime during the day. Drink more water. Hope you start to see the scale move soon!

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7/17/14 1:10 A

I have totally changed my way of eating and I have slowly begun to change my thinking about food ... learning to love food that also loves my body. I have added moderate exercise (as opposed to NONE - which is what I WAS doing!) Every "diet plan" that I have tried (including SparkPeople) says that for my age, eight and exercise level I need to eat around 1500 calories. However, after 3 months of these lifestyle changes I have not lost one single pound and only a few inches! I FEEL better and have more energy ... but I want to lose weight!

What should I do????

P.S. I am 53 years old, female and weigh 270 pounds.

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