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2/5/14 5:13 P

The best you can do is the best you can do. I can completely relate to having too much going on all the time. Don't be too hard on yourself. Take little steps, try to carry healthy snacks with you if possible, I generally have an apple and almonds to get me through long days between meals.
Make sure the goals you're setting for yourself are realistic and attainable for you. A goal isn't helpful if you can't reach it. But having lots of little goals might help you feel more accomplished when you start reaching them. Decide what will be the most helpful to you AND what will fit into your schedule as it is now when making goals. You're the only one who can decide how much effort and time you have to invest in something.
I like the feeling of reaching goals so I make small ones that are more easily met. Then by going through many small goals I do end up meeting a large goal.

2/5/14 11:55 A

I understand. My solution is that I don't try to do everything. Something is better than nothing. I won't be logging in every day. I've tried that and it doesn't work for me because I have to change my routine around. But I keep a food diary every day whether I log it into here or not. I suggest setting realistic goals for you, and not getting caught up in what everyone else on here is doing. I have so many habits to change, that I just start with one or two at a time. Log food, drink more water. Even if I can't do everything else, doing those two will create results the most important of which is feeling better about myself and feeling in control. When I can do more, I do more. Trying to do more, when I realistically can't only makes me feel out of control which is counterproductive.

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2/4/14 7:15 P

Hi GreatLake, It sure sounds like you are carrying a lot of stuff on your shoulders . Life is like that sometimes.The truth is that you can't do it all.....Nobody can and yet a lot of us try to and end up where you are right now. Overwhelmed and feeling guilty.
I'd suggest doing the things that you "have" to do like school and doctor etc and pick one optional and see how you feel.And then take it from there.
For myself I logged in to find someone to share my struggle with growing my daily program to include more social,mental and spiritual aspects.. And I found you.Coincidence?
No matter what level or aspect of a healthy life you are working on SP has you covered. I highly recommend that you stay connected .Me too!

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2/4/14 5:12 A

Hello, I am having a very DIFFICULT time trying to stay motivated, logging in everyday, working out, and just eating healthy. I was told that I need to want to be healthy to actually get healthy. I do want it more than anything. It just seems like I never have enough time for everything. My sleep schedule is so jacked up. I work third shift and I am a full time student at a University. Between classes, study groups, homework, work, sleep/no sleep, and projects I cant do it all. I feel stressed and over whelmed. I also see a dietician once a week along with going to group therapy for grief loss for an hour in a half once a week.

I recently just had surgery on my foot so I am current unable to work out. With my schedule being so crazy and hectic I cant get on eating schedule, and it is so easy to just grab a burger and chips to eat then making food.

I need help and support I am very obese and unhealthy I have been told I need to lose weight and quick my health is bad.

PLEASE HELP ME ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!!! SO LOST emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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