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6/7/13 2:36 P

The previous poster is correct that the new version of the tracker does not work like the old one did. If you want fitness plans to be added to your tracker, the workout generator is the only way to do that.

Coach Jen

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6/7/13 2:29 P

Well the powers that be here have made it pretty clear that the old tracker is gone for good emoticon

But that being said, there is a feature called a 'workout generator' that gives you pre-grouped workouts based on some inputs like fitness level, time, equipment, etc. Hope this helps!

13ICANDOIT13 Posts: 266
6/7/13 2:17 P

Ok let me try it this way. A couple of years ago I was on here just looking around and there was a setting on the fitness page that would automatically give you exersises listed to do daily based on your set up. I cannot find this setting I know that the site has been updated was this removed during the update and if it was how can I get back to the old fitness generator settings. I really like the way it worked. Thanks again.

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