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JAZZYJESS25 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/19/12 8:02 P

I have days when I have no energy also. I sleep well (and enough) at night and have a pretty routine schedule. I run 3-4x a week and most days go over on my calories a bit. I have no idea what does it.

9/19/12 5:27 P

thanks for sharing. While a healthy diet can help one to feel their best---it sounds like your "lack of energy" throughout the day is more of a medical issue. As the others have said---see your doctor.

SP dietitian Becky

BLBST36 Posts: 351
9/19/12 4:15 P

Definitely see a doctor and get a blood work up. Could be thyroid related

MORNINGGLORY609 Posts: 130
9/19/12 4:08 P

I hard things like eating, whole grains, green peppers, blue berries, stuff with lots of vitamins and antioxidants can help increase energy. At least that's what my fitness magazines (and even some SP articles) have mentioned...

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
9/19/12 3:52 P

Are you eating enough carbs? I know when I drastically cut my carb intake, I hardly have enough energy to move, much less do any exercise. Just my two cents.

DIETER27 Posts: 8,808
9/19/12 3:38 P

Call you doctor and make an appointment .

9/19/12 3:29 P

As the others have said....please call your doctor and make an appointment for a complete physical.

I also think you have received some misinformation regarding energy-producing foods. I'm curious...what did you think was going to help???

Dietitian Becky

KAKONOLADY SparkPoints: (19,562)
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9/19/12 3:09 P

I agree w/ SoCal Lee.... check w/ a Dr...are you on and medications?? Mine cause drowsiness too!!

SOCAL_LEE SparkPoints: (43,325)
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9/19/12 2:34 P

Have you been to your doctor? That kind of lethargy suggests there may be something else going on other than, or in addition to, your eating habits.

MORNINGGLORY609 Posts: 130
9/19/12 2:16 P

So, I've read a lot about how eating certain foods can increase your energy. So I started eating them. I haven't noticed a difference at all. I still want to sleep all day long, I feel irritable and anxious, and need coffee just to make it through the day. I sleep well at night, and still don't have enough energy for my day. Any superfood suggestions to increase energy? Thanks!


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