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Hi Diana, welcome to this thread. I've been with sparks for about 2 1/2 months now and have found lots of support. I just turned 51 last month and I to have 3 children. I'm sure glad to hear you're not giving up and don't feel discouraged, everyone including me have fallen off the wagon more times then I can count.

Sorry to hear that you have problems with you heart goes out to you! I can kinda know what you are going through because I have a left bundle branch block, an electrical problem LOL. and also a leaky mitral valve. Doc has always told me to keep up the exercise to keep my heart strong so I started walking and tracking everyday. You sound like you have a great positive attitude so I'm sure you will loss the weight again...Good luck to you!

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Hi SparkPeoples! ,I was doing a profiler quiz and found this thread and thought I would introduce myself.I am Diana; a 50 1/2 year old wife and mom of 3 children.I have been Sparking on and off since February 9,2010 and I lost a lot of weight, initially and slowly and steady most of it has come back on.Feeling discouraged, I refuse to give up.I don't have a choice,it's a matter of a healthy life or an unhealthy death.My Spark page introduction explains how I found this emoticon place I call home and my second family.In short I have Congestive Heart Failure and a leaky Mitral valve.I may be getting a valve job,lol,at some point in the future.I have had to completely change my eating habits to eat as little salt as I can and eat a heart healthy food plan.I have to admit I am an emotional eater and I am embarrassed to admit this,but putting this out in the open I feel this may help me overcome this eating disorder and get this 100 pounds off and gone forever.I want to be a success story I so often read about on here daily, someday.I am searching for support from others who understand the challenges of losing weight with chronic health conditions and limited fitness abilities.I understand I cannot use this as an excuse to not walk and do some fitness,walking and being as active as I can be is essential to my success and heart health.I have days of feeling sorry for myself and shed a few tears and the next day I feel more positive! I guess it's just my life.I would like to do the same for others as well.THank you for reading this long drawn out introduction,your the emoticon emoticon Diana

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