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1/17/13 2:37 P

Hey, Thanks for the input. At least I know somebody is out there in SparkPeople Land. Let me know if you find a good product! Anna

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1/17/13 1:28 P

I walk my dog twice a day so I thought I didn't need to do anymore walking. Guess I'm wrong, I'm also looking for a good pedometer at a reasonable price. The last one I had was cheap and I didn't use i because it was not user friendly.

Today I did my very best, tomorrow I will do even better.
2MUCHFOOD SparkPoints: (505)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 29
1/17/13 10:03 A

Iím new here; third day of really going to the trouble of learning to use this site. I started drinking LOTS of water 6 days ago. My Doctor told me about this site in 2007; and I created an account; but didnít use it. Five years later; here I am. I hope this posting is okÖ

Going to order a low cost pedometer to help me keep track of how much walking I DONíT do; but think I do. I want it for my ankle, so itís not noticeable. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

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