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Thanks for the tip, it's the one thing that I thought was missing from SP.


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10/14/10 2:05 P

You can add to your nutrition tracker "Carbs for Low Carb diet" as an additional nutrient to track. It basically removes the fiber carbs from the total carb count.

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Does anyone know of a online tracker that counts NET carbs? I have found some that count general carb intake, but they all involve me having to do the math for each food item to figure out the net carbs, then add all those together to get my net carbs for the day. I'd love a site that allows me to enter my food and it shows the net carbs. Spark People shows carbs, but can't do net carbs apparently. Also, the Atkins site doesn't let you record your food, but just has a pretty simplistic list of net carbs. Doesn't even let you search very well.

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