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7/14/11 12:54 A

I cook similar to Shandiego but a few other suggestions
Having frozen chicken,salmon,premade turkey burgers on hand that you can just heat and serve is super easy. I keep sweet potato,brown rice that can be microwaved. Along with steamed veggies,salad,olive oil based dressing. Keep some other seasonings and sauce on hand. I brush honey mustard on salmon or use low sodium teriyaki sauce you can make a quick stir fry
Can tuna and salmon for sandwich,low sodium soup,whole grain pasta which you can throw some protein source in. Omelettes are great and you can add veggies/lf cheese. Whole grain pizza crust with toppings and salad.

7/13/11 10:21 P

thanks for all the great ideas

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7/13/11 7:13 P

I make tacos A LOT lol - I cook enough chicken for a few days and reallocate it -- usually in taco form, its easy and delish. I also make pasta quite often, whole wheat with some veggies, a tad olive oil, shrimp or chicken and whatever seasoning/sauce you like. BBQ chicken in the oven is easy too...and yummy. Costco has individually seasoned Salmon pieces that you can just throw in the oven. Veggie/turkey burgers are quick too. I make tuna salad (with a bit of reduced fat olive oil mayo, relish, onions, celery and a tad mustard...and a bit of seasoning) and keep it in the fridge for lunch the next day or 2. I also keep mushrooms, salsa and onions around for quick egg scrambles which are great between a whole wheat sandwich thin. Chicken is always great to have on hand because you can combine it with anything in the oven or stove top and it's bound to make a great meal. Check out or any number of recipe websites for some inspiration. Happy Cooking!

7/13/11 4:05 P

I do not mind eating healthy but I am horrible on coming up with meal ideas. I have tried using the meals provided on the site but I am always missing ingredients so most of the time I end up with a salad...Looking for simple ideas that can be prepared with only a few ingredients...thanks for your help

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