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8/20/13 8:14 P

I've had that problem too. I was using Chrome on Windows Vista. I could watch them in IE10 but the images was blurry. Oddly, when I watched the same videos from within YouTube, I didn't have a problem.

I don't know what I did but the problem seems to have resolved itself. I did close some of the programs that were running in the background thus freeing up some resources but I don't know for sure if that is what did the trick.

Good luck.

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8/20/13 6:04 P

One of the IT guys at work has a fix-all method that works surprisingly well: clearing your internet cache. Depending on your browser, there are slightly different ways of doing that. You can find the info on line.

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8/20/13 3:48 P

Try using a different browser. If you normally use Internet Explorer, try Chrome or Firefox instead.

8/20/13 12:49 P

Another thing could be the speed of your connection. I would venture to guess that most connections are fast enough to support a short video like the ones on spark. It could also depend on the time of day you are trying to access them if it is a shared connection *like charter and other companies do* the more people that are on at the same time the slower the transmission of the information is. Good luck!

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8/20/13 10:50 A


How often do your reboot your computer ? If you haven't rebooted your system in a long time, try rebooting. What sort of network do you use at home ? Are you hooked up with an ethernet cable or do you use wireless ? If you're using wireless, the problem could be poor communication to the main server. If you're using a laptop, you need to be closer. The page not loading or a video stopping says slow network connectivity to me.

If you're not using wireless, try disconnecting and reconnecting your ethernet cable. That might help if there is a bad network connection. If you're using a router, you might even try a different jack on the router.

Also, are you using Adobe flash ? It could be that you need to update your Adobe flash software. I believe spark people uses adobe for the videos, but I'm not exactly sure. I could be wrong. I know having an older version of adobe can cause video issues.

You can also try running the webpage in compatibility mode. you may be getting a compatitbily error on the screen you're not noticing ?

Absolute worse case scenario ? You could check out some of the exercise videos posted on YOUTUBE. and have you ever considered buying Coach Nicole's DVDs ? If you enjoy her online videos, I'm sure you'll enjoy her DVDs.

So, those are some things to could try to get the videos working.

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8/20/13 8:32 A

Have been trying to do exercise videos with Nicole but the videos stop part way through with a circle going around and around. Have Windows 8 on an Asus computer that I bought in March. NEED TO DO MY EXERCISE VIDEOS--SO FRUSTRATED! emoticon

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