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5/27/13 2:58 P

Yes it makes a significant difference.

Compare the average likely daily burn of an office worker with a waitress. Neither is 'exercising', but the waitress is going to, on average, burn more calories.

Non Exercise Active Thermogenesis

I watched a show on NEAT where they had a guy do various things like walk if he could get to the destination within 20 minutes, do ironing daily, walk his kids to school, hand-wash his dishes. He gained weight. All that extra activity made him hungry and he upped his intake.

On the other side, you might also have to watch it the other way. My other half has just moved from a physical daily job into a sit down office job. He's going to have to watch his intake - if he eats like he always has, he will probably gain weight. Not enough NEAT.

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5/27/13 11:32 A

Yes ... it does make a significant different Jenni (maybe not for someone younger and close to goal weight as much). Those of us with disabilities, injuries, etc. count on NEAT to get us moving more. So many of us can't exercise safely. I started in 7/1/12 by doing extra everyday movement as I could. Moved to pushing a grocery cart, then to chair exercises, then to standing up while on a phone, then being able to wash dishes, then to walking in place ... well you get the picture.

When I was on SP 3 years ago ... i only tried chair exercises 3x/week, or as I could. This past year I have lost 13 pounds more (at the same weigh in point/week) just by increasing movement. I also can now walk without a cane.

NEAT also includes just walking up stairs, which I couldn't do then either.

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5/27/13 9:10 A

Does it really make that significant of a difference when it comes to weight loss?

An increased heart rate is where you really burn calories. The amount of calories I burn sitting vs. standing is miniscule.

Of course there's nothing wrong with wanting to increase your overall activity level. Especially if you fall into the sedentary category.

I can never sit still anyways. When I sit, I get bored quickly. When I get bored... I eat. So I always fill my day up with tons of movement and activity. Having 3 small children also helps. ;)
In the evening all my chores and errands are done so we take a good 1-2 hour nature hike (rather than watching tv).

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5/26/13 7:11 P

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I get enough intentional exercise, so I don't do this at all. I'm really very very lazy when not exercising.

5/26/13 6:45 P

I learned about NEAT when I read the Spark Solution, It stands for Non Exercise Activity thermosomething.... it's about increasing the non exercise movement and activity. Ideas like parking far away, standing while on the phone.

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5/26/13 6:41 P

What does the acronym N.E.A.T. represent? Obviously it has something to do with adding increased movement into one's day.

I had knee surgery three days ago. Right now, my daily exercises are primarily the painful prescribed physical therapy exercises to straighten and bend my knee. So easy to do before surgery, and hard to do afterward!

Will be looking into videos for seated exercises in a day or two as energy and inspiration allows.

5/26/13 6:27 P

Yesterday, my neat was to push and pull a drum sander across a floor we are refinishing. Today's Neat was to walk all the way around the groc. store, down every aisle, and park farther away from the door.

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