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1/4/13 9:54 A

Prednisone impacts the way your body processes carbohydrates/glucose and many people benefit from following similar eating plans as those that have Type 2 diabetes. This article will outline those principles.

Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes
Nutrition Know-How

Focusing on complex carbohydrates to meet your needs while limiting simple carbohydrates is also important especially when the Prednisone can make you crave the simple carbs. Here are two other articles that can provide helpful carb specific information.

The Truth About Carbohydrates
Not all Carbs are Created Equal

Carbohydrate-Counting Chart for People with Diabetes
A Single-Serving Reference Guide

Hope that helps.

Coach Tanya

1/3/13 11:02 P

The best thing that will help you is to make sure you track everything you eat. If it goes in your mouth then it goes on the tracker. Make sure you are within the ranges for all of the categories. You say you're a very picky eater. Does that include veggies? If so find some veggies that you like and find ways to incorporate them into your meals. The more colorful your plate is the healthier it is for you. Also, make sure you drink lots of water. Lastly, just exercise. Simple as that (even though I know it's not always that simple). Find something you like to do whether it's jogging, riding a bike, elliptical, etc. If you enjoy doing it then you are more likely to do it. This journey won't always be easy but we've always got your back. : )

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1/3/13 8:28 P

I have MG and I have gained 45 pounds since I started taking prednisone. Before I found out I was sick I was on a low carb diet and lost 40 pounds. I am always hungry and I am also a very picky eater. The doctor told me prednisone is know to make you gain weight. I am also on many other medicines. Any ideas on what I can do to lose some of this weight.

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