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I agree with your conceptions of the fitbit... It does do stair count and sleep monitoring (kinda), but I opted for the BodyMedia (and I LOVE mine) because it seemed much more accurate!

Regarding the computer in the US: Honestly I'm not sure. I think, like most websites, it doesn't matter where you access it. Unless you will be in a country that has strict internet...restrictions... (ie, China), I wouldn't worry about it. You can contact the manufacturers directly to ask if there is access in a certain country. As far as customer service- I think they all do it via a phone or electronically, so out-of-country rates might apply. This is another question to ask the manufacturers. I DO know that the UK has BodyMedia Fits- same thing, except I think they're called Ki Fit. Really, I would call customer support and ask directly.

Now, the "requires to wear 23 hours a day." That's not incredibly true. You CAN wear it as much or as little as you want. They suggest that you take it off for an hour during the day to let your arm breath, but you can also just move the device up or down the arm a little. It isn't waterproof, so you take it off while showering, and if you get the Core, you have to take it off to sync it... Plus you need to take it off to charge (once every few days). I find I sync mine 3-4 times a day and take it off for ~10 min each time while I am just sitting at my computer on Spark or something, and then I have it off while I shower. Also, it's advised not to wear it while driving (the accelerometer is kind of sensitive to bumps and it always registers my "activity" level as "moderately active" or a MET level of like 3- which is the same as walking and I guarantee you I am not expending that energy)

I think, personally, that the BodyMedia tracks not-so-heavy activity pretty well. For example, I'm a college student studying sciences so I am in labs a lot- and those require light walking and lots of standing. You can see the MET differences between my resting, my studying, and my labs- which is pretty cool. I don't have much to base accuracy on for strength training (because I have nothing bu the BodyMedia for data, so I can't compare), but I think the overall calorie burn is pretty accurate.

I was kind of in your position before I bought my bodymedia. I bought mine second-hand ($50 off of ebay, woohoo) and I love it... before, I was losing weight VERY slowly, eating ~1200 calories/day. I chalked that up to Spark's range being right for me (it estimates I burn... 1690 calories a day if I don't go to the gym). I got the armband, and then it was saying I was burning 2100-2200 calories. Uh no wonder I wasn't losing weight... I was eating way too little for my size. I brought up my calories to 1500, and then the weight seriously just DROPPED off of me... Eating more IS difficult, especially doing it healthy- I don't eat meat except seafood (and some poultry) either... but it's been rewarding, and I thank my armband for showing me that I needed to eat more.

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2/1/13 12:45 P

Hello everyone,

I have been using the spark people trackers both for nutrition and physical activity for the greater part of the three years that I have been on this website. I think they are a valuable service…but I am increasingly doubting their accuracy. I feel like I lost a majority of the 70+ pounds I have down when I didn’t track anything at all (the early stages pre-spark.) and when I track I constantly wonder if really the calories burned vs. consumed is way off. Now the loss is so slow.

I workout six days a week and struggle to eat more than 1300 calories a day, I escew flour and meat except seafood. I meet my protein requirements and just barely my fats but rarely get more than 110 grams of carbohydrates a day. My weight loss goal is 5 pounds per month. I mix up my activity one hour a day with: kickboxing, running, some circuit training, aerobics and sometimes yoga which I try to do 2 times a week for an extra hour.

Yes, I measure my food but I am not so good at that and my life/surroundings have me constantly traveling/living in different environments and therefore eating foods/brands of food that are very hard to track Sometimes my work schedule is has me on my feet and then at other points in my life I basically could sit all day if I wanted J Anyway here are my specific body media, fit bit questions. They are expensive so I need to know that they are worth the investment

I am naturally leaning more towards Bodymedia/Bodybugg because the Fitbit well…it looks like a glorified pedometer.

-The body media/bugg requires registration and membership to access data does one need to have their computer located in the US? I will always have a bank account and such in America but will likely be leaving yet again soon.

-what happens if either device messes up when I am not in the USA, will customer service be there?

-The body media and bugg require you to wear it 23 hours a day….LOL which hour does one actually take it off?

-How well does body media/fit bit actually track something not so cardio heavy like hatha yoga or strength training?

-Does either device actually count the calories as you are consuming them?

-Assuming that either one is accurate what sort of deficit should I hope to create from that number? It is totally possible right now that this is off for me given I am not gaining nor losing.

-Do you personally recommend the investment? How did it help or not help you? Staying on track is not an issue for me, getting results has been L


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