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2/7/12 3:56 P

You are right. Get to a healthy weight first. I read your post and it made me think my boys were all healthy. Never hospitalized because of asthma and they didn't have a heart condition and I smoked. My daughter I didn't smoke but I was overweight and she had chronic asthma as a baby and had to have heart surgery to take out a narrowing artery.

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2/7/12 3:11 P

I can relatet to your goal, because I have the same one. I would like to lose weight and get in shape, before start trying, which doesnt give me much time....Its good to have a focus like this, because its not just thinking of yourself....You can do it!!

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2/5/12 8:24 A

Ha Ha Jibby, I just read that too on pinterest. I loved it!
Wonderkittypunk - Don't have kids! LOL! Being a mother of 4 grown children I can tell you...just skip to the grandkids! They are much more fun and better looking if you ask me. I am not sure how old you are but enjoy your time now. You are doing the right thing by making sure you are healthy first. My 25 year old daughter is the most wonderful mother ever. I am very impressed with her mothering skills and ideas. BUT she at a very unhealthy weight. It carries over to her food choices to my precious grandson. It wasn't till I was well into my late 20's that I starting having probs with my weight and then not till well into my 30's that I started trying to keep it in control. It is SO hard!
I am proud of you for making such an important decision to do it right! I hope you stay with us so we can see the new baby pics!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,988
2/5/12 8:02 A

You are right about that. I just read a blog from a Sparker who is 24 weeks pregnant and has already packed on 40# and didn't seem to be worried about it. She doesn't realize that High Blood Pressure and Diabetes can certainly be problems when you are already obese. Not smart as I see it.
Glad you are dealing with your weight now.

I read a good quote: If you are tired of starting over, then STOP giving up.

2/4/12 12:27 P

My goal is ultimately to get to a healthy weight to have a baby. I have spoken to my doctor about it, and she reminded me that at my current weight, if I were to get pregnant it could result in health issues for myself and the baby.

I want my child to have the best start on life possible. I want him or her to have every advantage I can give. I owe it to my baby -and- to myself to be healthy. :)

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