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Okay, so I left at the beginning of August. I decided to pack up a few bags and move in with a friend over in Waikiki. Being in Montana was not good for me. I wasn't achieving the goals or the results that I so badly wanted to. I moved to Hawaii and at first just started snacking throughout the day and hitting the beach. I'd jog a couple times a weak around the Ala Wai Canal. The first two month I went from 270-261lbs. I was pretty happy about that. When the middle of September came up I signed myself up with 24-hour fitness. I worked with a trainer/nutritionist. His energy was definitely one to work with. He took care of my consultation and introduction. He advised me to eat lots of fiber, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and lean meats. He asked me to steer away from Milk, high sodium products, fast food. alcohol, canned products, prepackaged products, and roasted nuts. I went to the store and bought olive oil, veggies, fruits, oatmeal, flax cereal, whole wheat wraps, turkey, chicken, fish, and almond milk. I had to switch my trainer, since the first would be taking a month long cruise. My second trainer was a lot more calm. I total surfer dude attitude. I had to learn to workout on my own energy and willpower. Which I hated at first, but then am so thankful that I had to go on my own ambition, rather than the yelling or cheering of someone else. I had to be my own cheerleader. I gave my trainer a ''map''...a sketch I had done of my body and all that I wanted to accomplish. I was given 4 different one hour muscle training plans. The day in-between I would have to do cardio; elliptical, cycling, and hiking. I also got a job at a surf shop...a 40-minute walk from my home and 8 hours of being on my feet. I think this was something that helped me the most. 80-minutes of walking, 8 hours of standing on my feet, and then an hour of gym most days. I also had fun with the restaurants in Waikiki. I ate gourmet salads, fresh seafood, grilled chicken...and my FAVORITE. a restaurant named 'GRYLT'. ONE of thee best places ever! First, do you want grilled ahi or grilled chicken. Now do you want romaine salad, spinach leaves, or grilled veggies. Now do you want brown rice, white rice, mashed cauliflower, or mashed red potato. Now what sauce do you want; Asian fusion, roasted tomato, lemon zest, or basil and herb? Going to miss that restaurant, but I kinda taught myself the recipes. I absolutely loved the hikes! someone is always game for a hike. When I went out, dancing was a must. I was shopping for clothes like crazy! Had my hair done....even got some new tattoos. And I was being hit on by lots of men. My confidence has never been greater. I have to share my first day working out with the trainers; I almost cried. I had a weight palmed between my palms and was directed to push it away from my chest; prayer style. I never wanted to cry so bad. It was a muscle I never worked before. The trainer said I was getting a lump in my throat because I was letting go of the old me. This phrase stuck with me all the way through and still is with me. Now my first cardio, I had been instructed to do 30-minutes on the elliptical. I.HATE.THE.ELLIPTICAL.
I did 5 minutes and quit. That's our secret. BUT ....I kept at it. By the middle of December, three months later, I was doing 2-hours of cardio. By the middle of December I was 244 lbs. I had lost 26 lbs in Hawaii. I lost 22 INCHES off of my body!!!!! And in ALL the great areas!
Now....just before I left I HAD to tackle a hike that I'd been scared but also determined to do before I left. KOKO HEAD HIKE. A staircase that runs straight up the side of the mountain to the top. 1,050 STEPS! And not little baby lift your leg and pull yourself up onto steps. Like doing halfway lunges every step. The steps are painted on the steps every 100 steps in pink. When I made it to step 100...I thought...I have to do this again, ten more times. Now when I got to step 500 there was a bridge that slopes upwards. There is a 18'' gap between each plank. And a drop of about two-stories underneath you. I waited for the lady ahead of me. She was in tears crossing the bridge. But she made it. That was her challenge to herself. I ran across the bridge. I just focused myself. Then the second half of the hike happens. The second half is like a ladder it's so steep. When I had made it to step 700 I looked down and the heights started getting to me. You have to understand that it's muddy, these steps are dangerously steep and cluttered with cement rubble. The whole time I thought of slipping and it just being game over for me. Something happened in step 700. I felt like crying. I sat down. I wanted to just go back. I wanted to get back down this mountain. My friend told me to stand up. He said that it was okay for me to take a break. That he'd wait. Then a husband and wife were coming down from the top. The wife said "Oh, we know how you feel!" and the husband laughed "Oh. yeah!" I huffed, "This is my first time!" ---To my surprise the wife said "NO WAY!!! Then you're doing fine!!..most people give up at step 500 their first time!" Then the husband (who looked pretty fit) said "This is my first time not turning around and actually making it to the top." And my friend said almost everyone he takes, turn around and give up. This put me in the right state-of-mind. I took it 50 steps at a time. Before I knew it I had 50 steps left. I stopped. Silent. Looked at that last 50 steps for awhile. Then charged up them. Once I got to the top..there's a feeling that took over my entire body. I did it. I looked back at all those steps. Every 1,050 of them and felt amazing. I then had to hike up the little trail to the top of the mountain. Never felt better. I came home and I'm still getting used to people telling me how amazing I look. Now that I'm back, I don't have the 24-hour gym just a five minute walk away. I don't have sunny weather everyday. I'm in a snow-packed area that's almost always below freezing and the gym is a 45-minute walk away. It is only opened on weekdays and from 9-8. I don't want to make excuses because I want to make this work. I just have to focus on the solutions and not the obstacles.

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