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5/12/11 6:22 A

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5/12/11 12:32 A

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5/11/11 10:31 P

Outstanding! Congratulations on your success and best of luck on your continued journey!

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5/11/11 4:28 A

Congratulations on your success. I love reading all these success stories on Spark. It gives me the motivation to keep trying to live a healthier life. So thank you for posting this. emoticon emoticon

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5/11/11 3:43 A

His biggest pair of jeans fit me about a month ago but his smallest (slim fit!) pair of Levi's didn't fit me until just recently! I tried them on for the first time again last night and WOW! They fit! No sucking in or anything! My husband finds it a bit strange I think. He was speechless. :) 6 months ago those same pair of jeans wouldn't go up past my thighs, 4 months ago they wouldn't go up past my hips, and 2 months ago they wouldn't button up but it was so close! My husband was standing there and I told him "I promise you these WILL fit me!" And I started laughing because I was so happy I had come THIS FAR!!!! I could taste sweet victory at that time and it helped to keep me going! I am really determined to get to my goal! A year ago I NEVER EVER would have imagined FITTING into my skinny husbands jeans!!!! Now his clothes fit me perfectly!!!!! I'm sure soon MY Jeans won't fit him!! LOL! Imagine that!

This was a HUGE woohoo moment for me. A big turning point (I have had many! lol) I have finally started feeling beautiful. And am trying my absolute hardest to see myself the way others see me because we all know we see others differently than they see themselves. You just got to keep remembering that not everyone sees your flaws. They see the rest of you. The GREAT looking you! :)

I'm still not comfortable showing off my legs (shorts, short dresses, bathing suit, etc.) but I have faith I WILL get there some day!

Thanks SparkPeople for being HERE for me!

this little icon says it all lol

see my most recent blog if you want :)


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