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My plans for the weekend are:

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SparkPoints: (55,945)
Fitness Minutes: (30,244)
Posts: 2,173
5/4/13 1:26 P


SparkPoints: (52,616)
Fitness Minutes: (48,619)
Posts: 1,472
5/4/13 1:24 P

Yard work, including serious mulching. emoticon

Posts: 366
5/4/13 1:02 P

work out.
dig the garden,
swim if I can handle the cold water!!!

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
5/4/13 1:01 P

Cleaning up the dead plant stuff from all my flower beds.

Posts: 433
5/4/13 12:59 P

relaxing I hope

Posts: 3,106
5/4/13 12:08 P

finish mothers day gifts
strength train
read a book

SparkPoints: (46,656)
Fitness Minutes: (33,490)
Posts: 3,687
5/4/13 11:01 A

Make more progress on my closet -- getting rid of old clothes that are too big to wear anymore!

I've been gradually working on it all winter, but I need to make that final push and get it done!

SparkPoints: (13,220)
Fitness Minutes: (17,714)
Posts: 434
5/4/13 10:48 A

Going to a baby shower this afternoon. Will park kind of far away and walk to and from, and will try to find the fruit and veggie trays, and hide from the cake and other sweets.

SparkPoints: (119,486)
Fitness Minutes: (119,093)
Posts: 5,258
5/4/13 10:47 A

Watch Giants baseball

SparkPoints: (13,220)
Fitness Minutes: (17,714)
Posts: 434
5/4/13 10:46 A

Stay active, and then get lots of needed sleep!!!

Edited by: KMF2012 at: 5/4/2013 (10:51)

Posts: 200
5/4/13 10:35 A

I'm going to the second chance prom hosted by a local radio station! I know it has only been 9 years since my actual prom, but I'm really excited to be going with friends and going stag this time. The date I had at my last prom was awful!

I'm ready to dance the night away!

SparkPoints: (8,517)
Fitness Minutes: (7,603)
Posts: 271
5/4/13 10:32 A

A five day trip to Florida with my sister. Lots of fun but a very dangerous weight gain weekend!!!! I'm going to try my best!

Posts: 1,283
5/4/13 10:04 A

Running errands today (Saturday) and exercising when I get back and for Sunday relax, read the paper and make chili for dinner and exercising of course. Loving the great weather we have been having here in northeast PA - trees are finally getting buds on them. Have a great and blessed week-end everyone.

Posts: 1,584
5/4/13 7:42 A

Working today (Saturday) then on Sunday; studying, cleaning and wedding planning.

SparkPoints: (74,113)
Fitness Minutes: (61,315)
Posts: 2,489
5/4/13 7:01 A

Lots of cleaning, food prepping, cooking, exercising, walking, catching a tan, gardening, spending time in the backyard with the kids and buying my new spring/summer wardrobe on Sunday!

SparkPoints: (213,916)
Fitness Minutes: (159,971)
Posts: 17,811
5/4/13 6:42 A

to enjoy the beautiful weather! emoticon

SparkPoints: (204,264)
Fitness Minutes: (139,480)
Posts: 7,965
5/4/13 6:33 A

pay bills

Posts: 5,051
5/4/13 6:32 A

Work outside in the flower beds and take some longer walks.

Posts: 17,143
5/4/13 5:20 A

Visiting a friend in a nursing home

Posts: 4,945
5/4/13 4:58 A


Posts: 538
5/4/13 4:04 A

We get to pack since we are moving in a week!

yea yeah for us LOL

Had my dad's retirement party

@ Em Congrats on your new camper you will love it!!!!

Edited by: JGIRL5799 at: 5/4/2013 (04:05)

SparkPoints: (99,489)
Fitness Minutes: (66,022)
Posts: 17,804
5/4/13 3:05 A

I'm decorating, so work

Posts: 1,598
5/4/13 2:50 A

organize paperwork, sleep=in & a long walk

SparkPoints: (152,037)
Fitness Minutes: (130,916)
Posts: 23,399
5/4/13 1:54 A

I'm working 16 hours both today and tomorrow. I'm also going to workout and go to the grocery store.

Posts: 5,854
5/4/13 12:48 A

not sure yet seeing if hubby has to work

Posts: 8,215
5/4/13 12:34 A

going on a cruise to alaska

SparkPoints: (72,329)
Fitness Minutes: (66,641)
Posts: 3,751
5/3/13 11:55 P

Working on the yard Sat and my sons drum room' Sun off too see Ironman

SparkPoints: (278,111)
Fitness Minutes: (123,177)
Posts: 16,646
5/3/13 11:32 P

Bark For Life tomorrow, cleaning the house, homework, and then a party I am supposed to go to. Sunday more cleaning, a party for our Relay team, and more homework. Sounds like fun huh?

Posts: 185
5/3/13 10:30 P

To pick up our new (to us) camper! I can't wait to go on adventures this summer with my hubby and dog. I LOVE camping and being outdoors!

Posts: 76
5/3/13 10:00 P

Study for a test and stay on track.

Posts: 332
5/3/13 9:53 P

Taking a road trip

SparkPoints: (82,940)
Fitness Minutes: (63,240)
Posts: 3,871
5/3/13 9:45 P

Lots of European soccer games on, so we will be getting in a bunch of hours on the exercise bike, Sat. and Sunday, the usual stuff, staying at home doing that.

Posts: 474
5/3/13 9:32 P


SparkPoints: (30,125)
Fitness Minutes: (17,210)
Posts: 347
5/3/13 9:11 P

House keeping and doing a extra fitness minutes as I have to be away for a few days next week and might not have an opportunity to get them done.

Posts: 7,481
5/3/13 8:34 P

Cleaning and trying a few new recipes

SparkPoints: (154,699)
Fitness Minutes: (154,045)
Posts: 10,129
5/3/13 8:05 P

I am hopefully see my nephew's play tomorrow and I am running the 33rd annual Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon on Sunday.

Posts: 2,541
5/3/13 7:51 P

Work and then homework. Finals weeks is 10 days away!

SparkPoints: (217,711)
Fitness Minutes: (105,092)
Posts: 53,884
5/3/13 7:43 P

Whatever our grandson wants to do... as he's here for the weekend!!!

Posts: 11,442
5/3/13 7:23 P

Follow the peaceful path

Posts: 2,344
5/3/13 7:02 P

tomorrow is the first Saturday of May and every year on the first Saturday of May is Comic book day. So I am going to my favorite comic book store and get some free comic books. check it out all over the country May 4th is free comic book day.


Posts: 1,560
5/3/13 6:48 P

Im going out of town for a three day 12K Spa weekend. We'll drive up saturday, go to the trade show, get our registration forms, walk the 12k on Sunday, eat mongolian grill, celebrate cinco de mayo, and then go to the spa on monday for massages and pedicures.

Posts: 6,661
5/3/13 5:47 P

working in the yard and garden

SparkPoints: (46,464)
Fitness Minutes: (42,534)
Posts: 1,136
5/3/13 5:33 P

My plans for this weekend are to organize a goodbye party for my friend who is moving to Seattle (a thousand tears) and get one really good workout in.

Posts: 133
5/3/13 5:17 P

Definately, we are going to see Irionman 3 and we are beginning this weekend with doing aikido tonight!

Sunday, I think my husband is doing his D&D with his friend and son, and we will definately go do our Sunday night dinner with his side of the family.

I am also imagining we will spend some time in our backyard gardeing.

SparkPoints: (121,577)
Fitness Minutes: (72,247)
Posts: 21,778
5/3/13 5:03 P

Church, taking Mum to a concert..

SparkPoints: (61,347)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
5/3/13 4:19 P

5 mile charity walk/run in the morning; Braves game tomorrow night (our anniversary)

and the forecast for us is cold & rainy for the next 4 days!!!

SparkPoints: (31,459)
Fitness Minutes: (17,008)
Posts: 167
5/3/13 4:17 P

My husband and I are taking off for the weekend!! Can't wait! emoticon

SparkPoints: (26,314)
Fitness Minutes: (25,125)
Posts: 387
5/3/13 3:50 P and in yard!

SparkPoints: (25,302)
Fitness Minutes: (21,777)
Posts: 359
5/3/13 3:48 P

working...but planning some exercise afterwards

SparkPoints: (26,701)
Fitness Minutes: (13,097)
Posts: 890
5/3/13 3:47 P

heading out to a wedding. It's suppose to be cold & rainy. Better find my umbrella. emoticon

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