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TANISGETTNFIT SparkPoints: (6,936)
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8/8/11 5:00 A

Thanks for the advice. SP is the best site. I feel genuine support from all of you. I have started small. Even doing 5 squats and 50 crunches to start. I will pill out my bands from the closet. I will make these 3 exercises my goal for the next few weeks. I will keep everybody informed of mu progress on my blog.
Thanks a lot! emoticon

TANISGETTNFIT SparkPoints: (6,936)
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8/8/11 4:51 A

Thanks STAID33,
You're so right. If I sit around for too long, I hurt. As in I ache more. I'm starting slow by streching. Thanks for sharing.. emoticon

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,194)
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8/6/11 2:26 P


Can you walk without any discomfort or pain ? If you can walk, even for short distances, start with a daily walk. Walking is wonderful cardiovascular exercise and you don't have to do a lot to start. Also, do you do any type of stretching ? If you're stiff because you find yourself on your feet all day, stretching can help loosen up those joints. There are simple stretches you can start with posted in the Spark fitness section.

Starting slowly is the way to go. There are members who started by walking out to their mailbox and back. before long, they were walking around the block and eventually, they were walking miles. So, don't beat on yourself if you don't be able to do what other people seem to do with ease. You start with that first step and build from there.

I also recommend to think about adding some strength training to your exercise routine. You don't have to do a lot to start there either. All you need is a set of resistance bands so that you can do some band exercises at home. If you find standing difficult, you do upper body strength exercises while sitting in your chair.

Do what you can. With time and regular practice, your strength and endurance will increase.


STACID33 Posts: 281
8/6/11 1:32 P

I have RA but let me tell you the more I sit still the worse I feel when I move around and loosen my joints and muscles I feel much better... Start slow but my guess is the more you move the better you will feel :)

TANISGETTNFIT SparkPoints: (6,936)
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8/3/11 6:01 A

As much as I want a quick fix, I know it's not possible. I guess it's time to face reality...hard work pays off.
No specific pain, just weak body...but that's gonna change emoticon
Thanks again for advice/info

TANISGETTNFIT SparkPoints: (6,936)
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8/3/11 5:58 A

I'm learning how to use the message board. I just figured out if I reply to you it posts on the board also. Please look back on the board, i addressed your question. Thanks for the info.

TANISGETTNFIT SparkPoints: (6,936)
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8/3/11 5:56 A

Thanks, I will try it today!
You're right, my knees do bend when I sit down emoticon

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,347)
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8/3/11 5:41 A

I always ask this of people who say their knees don't bend - how do you sit anywhere without bending your knees?

If 5 minutes is all you can do, then start there. Get out the door, walk 2.5 minutes one way, turn around, come back. Go as slow as you need to, to complete the 5 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day. Each week or so, add another minute.

5 mins. is all I could handle when I first started exercising, and I was 135 pounds. Now I can run nonstop for 3+ hours.

TANISGETTNFIT SparkPoints: (6,936)
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8/3/11 5:19 A

I think more than anything it is just being out of shape. My knees buckle and my back hurts just because the muscles are weak...I think. One problem is, I went to the dr and all I'm told is to start a program and watch my intake.I figured if I do start slowly, I can get the weight off my knees. The only REAL pain I have is in my foot (the arch). I've googled exercises and its feeling better. I self diagnosed myself having plantar faschiitis (sp?). Should I just go to a physical therapist or can i just put together a program myself to build up my strength?
Thanks guys for the input. emoticon

SCOTTGARAN Posts: 2,014
8/3/11 2:16 A

Tanis, I'm with Rooster on this. Is there something specific that is preventing you from moving? I am a trainer, but have some arthritis in my joints and degenerated discs in my back. I have had to revamp my own training program, so it can be done. Have you been checked by a doc?

ROOSTER72 SparkPoints: (26,758)
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8/3/11 2:11 A

Have you had a specific injury? Is the pain in one particular spot? Can you see a physiotherapist?

If you think it is just weakness - you need to build up really slowly.

Don't do any exercise that hurts (I am not talking muscle ache from working - thats fine) - pain is not good. Are there any exercises you can do? Just plain walking or swimming would be a start.

All the best

TANISGETTNFIT SparkPoints: (6,936)
Fitness Minutes: (495)
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8/3/11 1:53 A

I'm trying to get off the couch. I really am, but every time I try to exercise, my body hurts. My knees wont bend and I'm out of breath in 5 min. I've seen 300+lb people move better than do I work through the pain? I don't want to sound pitiful but geesh! Help!

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