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9/5/08 3:10 P

hi, i have this problem a lot too..the way i sit at work (desk job) , i'm constantly fighting numbness - sometimes i get it so bad, it leads to sprained ankles when i get up.
i am now no longer sitting on a chair, but an exercise ball (stability ball) which by design , you can't really criss-cross your legs (which is what i did A LOT).. so i think it helps. here's a helpful link - see #6

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2/12/08 9:18 A

Lol Wow, that's great. I remember using similar methods when I worked in the nursery at the daycare I used to work at. The triplets I nanny are boys, but they have an older sister also. Kind of ironic. They're actually four years old now, so no more worries about bottle feeding, just circle time.
That's amazing that you cared for triplets 20 years ago, when it was not nearly as common! (Recent advances and increases in fertility drugs have definitely brought about more triplets in this area, at least.)
Do you live near them nowadays/ every see them?

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2/11/08 8:50 P

D--20 years ago I was a housekeeper to 4 girls (triplets and an older sister). I started when the girls were 5 months. I would feed them by sitting on the floor with my legs extended from the couch, and one girl between my legs, and another girl on each side of my legs. With 3 bottles propped on my knees.

Enjoy these years. They are precious memories in your life.

My "girls" are all in college and are wonderful young ladies who will be making a postive contribution to the world.

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2/11/08 2:18 P

Thanks. :) lol "Usually sitting like a lady, will help." The reason I sit cross-legged on the floor is that I nanny triplets and play guitar. Maybe I should use a chair more though. It seems that however I sit on the floor, I commonly have this problem.

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2/11/08 12:57 A

D---Please see a doctor. This can be as simple as a spine adjustment with a pinching nerve, or something that could become serious if ignored.

Now, you DO know some causes of when the numbing will occur. Learn to sit differently so that it will not happen. (Usually sitting like a lady, will help.)

Let us know what the doctor tells you.

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2/10/08 8:35 P

Thanks for the advice, all. :)

2/10/08 4:50 P

I would definately recommend that you make an appointment with your family doctor. It could be nothing, but I think it's better to have it checked out just in case.

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2/9/08 10:15 P

I understand the usual "tingles" people get, but this is different. I literally can't feel or move my leg when this happens. I just found an article on neuropathy, which has been the most helpful thing so far. I guess I just never took too serious note of it before. I also commonly get tender patches (not the skin so much, or the muscle either, but the tissue hurts), usually in my thigh, hands, or forearms.
I know this sounds weird, but this is really happening, and I'm tired of ignoring it.

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2/9/08 10:04 P

I have had the same problem with numbing in my arms or hands while I sleep or sit and watch tv. I gattered that it was my spine, and I was right. I went and got a couple of Chiropractic adjustments and the numbing goes away. At least until my spine gets too maladjusted again...

Try a Chiropractor. emoticon

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2/9/08 10:02 P

Hey Dairbrah, I have had parts of my legs "fall asleep" like that and yes, it usually takes a few minutes for the tingles to stop. But if this is a new thing for you and you're at all concerned, I'd give your doctor a call. Can't hurt, right? Have a good night!

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2/9/08 9:48 P

So... I've had this problem for a little over three years, but it just happened again, and it's so frustrating. I'll be sitting, usually "criss-cross applesauce" ("Indian" style), when one, or both, of my legs goes numb. It falls asleep and gets tingly a lot of times, but as soon as I realize it's happening, it's too late. I'm stuck with it for 5 minutes or so, at least. No matter how much I try to move it to get it circulating better, it just rapidly goes numb more and more, until I can't even feel the lower half of my leg (or sometimes even up to my hip)when I drop it or touch it. I definitely can't walk on it, and when sensation does come back, it's sooo uncomfortable/ painful.
And yes, I drink a ton of water every day, and regularly stretch and exercise.
Has anyone else ever experienced this? I can't seem to find anything about it on WebMd or anywhere.
Help emoticon

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