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6/10/13 1:56 P

You CAN do this. Take it step by step and day by day.
What I like to do is make small weekly goals. I find it easier to stick to the program that way.My goal for this week is 4 workouts and eating fruit 2x's a day. Always have my water goal.
I love this chorus from one of my fav songs. Hope you don't mind my sharing it
"And you know that accidents can happen and it's okay, we all fall off the wagon sometimes,
it's not your whole life, it's only one haven't thrown everything away."
I remember that on the bad days and just get back at it the next.
Good luck to you.

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6/9/13 7:56 P

Thanks for your words of encouragement. It means a lot to me. You go girl!!!

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6/9/13 3:21 P

That's great. I too have taken the same attitude. I have been down this road many times. I have decided that this time I want to stick it out through the tough time. Good luck to you in your journey. emoticon

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6/7/13 3:53 A

It has not been easy to jump-start my weight loss journey again. I've learned to take things one day at a time and I've learned to not beat myself up for making mistakes. As we know, "We are our own worst critic" at times and I know that to be true personally. So, I have decided to invest in myself and I have decided to enjoy every moment of it.



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