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2/28/13 4:55 P

I would definitely tell him that you prefer the way his food tastes over eating at most restaurants. Why wouldn't you tell him how great his cooking is?

Yes, you could cook for him every once in awhile.
You could cook a meal together- help with preparation and clean up or you do side dishes while he does the main thing.

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2/28/13 2:00 P

Why is it hard to say you prefer his cooking?

Its a compliment.

Just say so.

Offer to do dishes if he cooks, clean up after if its a lot of work for him.

2/28/13 11:41 A

My husband is a great cook. He is starting to cook lighter which is helping. But I hate
it when we go out to eat because his food tastes so much better. I hate paying for food I do not like. The only time I am happy is when we go to get Asian. food. Because he does not cook it
very often. Do I just tell him I hate eat out or just cook a meal for him once a while?

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