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8/21/13 12:57 P

CDARBY6, wow, that's one motivated husband! And you're no slouch, either!

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8/19/13 2:44 P

That's wonderful! It helps so much when the entire family is on board and supports each other and can celebrate each others successes!

Congratulations to both of you for your weight loss!

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8/19/13 1:30 A


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8/19/13 12:50 A

That's amazing ! Congratulations to the whole family !

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8/17/13 4:37 P

Congrats to both of you !! Big accomplishment!!


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8/17/13 6:54 A

125 lbs? That's awesome.

Well done to all of you!

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8/16/13 10:17 P


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8/16/13 8:53 P


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8/16/13 5:29 P

Im so proud of him! Hes been so motivated. He weighed in at 266 in January and as of today he is down to 139 pounds. (sounds tiny lol but hes only 5 5 with a small frame). Our whole family has changed the way we eat. Ive lost 30 pounds since last November myself.

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