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My heart rate doesn't match my breathing?

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6/17/13 6:48 P

You have to know your body. My lungs give out long before my legs give out.

Posts: 1,044
6/17/13 10:31 A

Probably better lung capacity as someone said.

I'm the opposite - my face goes red as a beet at the merest suggestion of exercise and stays that way. I often have looks of concern directed my way and I'm sure a trainer or two has wanted to come over and suggest I sit down before I have a heart attack :)

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6/17/13 8:18 A

I don't think breathing always matches heart rate- I was working at 90 % heart rate today and carrying on a full conversation with my trainer. Bigger lung capacity I guess.

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6/17/13 3:36 A

I doubt it's that; I'm 200+lb's doing irregular exercise; I'm a very long way from being a fitness buff!

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6/16/13 10:34 P

How long have you been working out at the gym?

I know a girl who goes regularly and hits the arc trainer hardcore.....just watching her makes me out of breath! lol. This girl can EASILY carry on a conversation because she is so well conditioned. Even though she really gets her heart rate up, she has no difficulty talking whatsoever.

For people like her, (which I suspect you may also fall into this category to an extent) the rules do not apply.

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6/16/13 2:49 P

So you know how there's two ways to test how hard you work out? One is how heavy you're breathing (if you can form sentences you're doing a light workout, if you can just about gasp the odd word you're doing a heavy one, etc) and the other is your heart-rate (my "moderate" is about 145). Well, one of the reasons I hate the gym is because the fitness instructors have always told me I have to work harder, harder, HARDER because I can still talk with relative ease. I've had more than one instance where I've been doubled over with cramps, my legs pretty much numb from muscle fatigue, my whole body shaking, chest feels like I'm about to have a heart attack or something, etc. etc. and I can STILL form a full sentence and I STILL have the instructors telling me I need to work harder.

So the other day I decided to check my pulse after a workout (nothing remarkable, just a few minutes of jogging on the spot with my wii fit) and found that even though I was barely breathing heavy or sweating, my heart rate was 140 (the gentle side of moderate). I did some zumba and really worked up a sweat, and when I felt the beginning of a cramp I stopped and did my pulse; I was at 172. I still wasn't particularly breathless.

What could cause this? I don't have exceptional lungs (I actually have very mild asthma) and can't imagine it's because I have great lungs or anything, and I've never had any heart or blood pressure problems; I've always had very normal blood pressure in fact.

Any reasons you can think of that might cause this?

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