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2/24/13 9:25 A

I would like to second the suggestion that you consult your doctor. I also recently was having some foot pain, and I just ignored it until it got pretty uncomfortable. My pain was in the heel and my diagnosis was plantar fasciitis with multiple small tears in the tendon on the bottom of my foot. Fortunately, it was something that was able to be cleared up with a foot-wrap and a round of steroids, but I also found out that I need to take special care to prevent further, more serious injury - so I got lucky this time that I didn't hurt myself worse by ignoring it. Also, those couple days where it hurt to walk (and I have a job that has me on my feet a great deal) were pretty brutal.

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2/23/13 11:39 P

Had my shoes fitted for me. Never had this problem before, but if it persists, I will see a doctor! Thanks!

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2/23/13 3:19 P

Pain is one of those things we can't really diagnose for you. I would suggest asking your doctor. :) It could be anything from a cramp to plantar fasciitis - but only a physical exam can tell you for sure.

Have you had your shoes properly fitted, or are you wearing something you just picked out from the store?

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2/23/13 3:02 P

For the last 3 days the ball of my left foot aches, regardless of the type of shoe I wear. What could cause this? Could it be too much incline on the treadmill?

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