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4/23/11 9:39 P

I like the suggestion on how to deal with a picky family.

I suggest you do not pressure yourself too much to be creative. Instead of flipping threw many recipes till you find one that appeals to you, start with a meal idea that appeals to you (and your family) and look for ways to make the recipe healthier. See if you can use whole grains, leaner meats, lower fat dairy products, less sugar, less fats, extra veggies, bake what is usually fried, ect...

Example: The idea of Domino's pasta bowls appeals to me. The one I made was definitely healthier then theirs. I made my own bread bowls predominately from white whole wheat flour. I used Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta. I made my own tomato based sauce without oils. I even made my own sausage from extra lean pork tenderloin.

4/15/11 11:28 A

That's a great idea Gamecox!!

My daughter's only 5 though, so I'm not sure what she's really capable of making herself now. A PB&J is about it. She can't use the microwave, it's above the stove.

But I can DEFINITELY use that idea on my husband. Don't want Chinese? Fine. Cook something yourself!

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4/15/11 10:16 A

My family used to be picky. I then developed the choice menu. I would tell them what we were having for dinner and they had a choice. They could eat what I was making, or they could make something for themselves.

If they were going to make something for themselves, they would have to have it prepared and ready (and not be in my way - the main cook) for X o'clock. (I would give them a time we were going to be eating)

They also had to tell me their choice at that time, so I could plan accordingly.

At first, they all (two boys) jumped at eating what they wanted, but after the third time of having to 'prepare it themselves and wait until we were already' to eat started to wear on them.

It was funny to watch them eat a bowl of cereal, while we had a smell good hot dinner. That all of a sudden became interesting to them.

Now... They only ask what time are we eating. My picky eaters now eat EVERYTHING.

One is in college and he laughs at his room mates that say, I don't eat onions, or tomatoes, or what ever.

Check out my Sparkpeople cookbook or my blog for food ideas.

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4/14/11 3:14 P

With summer coming there are all sorts of things you can do with the fresh fruits and veg that you will (or can) be able to get soon. With the weather being nice you can also cook outside.

I like to do grilled chicken salads. You can marinate the chicken in salad dressing for 30min-1hr before and then make individual salads for everyone. That way if someone doesn't like something they don't have to have it.

The other night I had dinner with my mom and she made chicken and wild rice in a foil packet in the oven.

You could get all the stuff and do make your own pizzas. Or homemade tacos.

I like to go to and see what is there.

SUE5007 Posts: 749
4/14/11 2:48 P

You just have to try a new one to get into the swing of things. When you find one you like it will open you up to others that may not have sounded good before.
Take an element/ingredient that you like from one of the dishes you already make (say balsalmic vinegar, or tabasco, ginger, porkloin, shrimp, etc) and find a recipe that has the same ingredient. (Make 1/2 the recipe since you will probably be the only one eating and if it's a bust then you'll be throwing out less) ;) See if there is something you would add/change to make it more to your liking.
I flip through recipes and the ones I'm drawn to are so much like the ones I'm already making. It's frustrating. Like spaghetti--I was making it once a week for months and got so tired of it! But all the new recipes I was drawn to were basically marinara with different shapped noodles. ...Not much of a change. =P But for me, changing from tomato sauce to crushed tomatoes made a big difference in my spaghetti. The kids don't like it much, so I cook my own sauce in a small pan at the same time. I use just one 14oz can of tomatoes which gives me 2-3 servings (put the extra in the fridge/freezer for tomorrow's lunch--which would be especially easy if you are the only one eating the recipe).
I probably cook something just for me about once a week. Weekends are great times to make something new. Other times I am able to change up my usual recipes to make them healthier. Then I eat a smaller portion, pair it with veggies (that I cook just for me) and it works out fine.

You just gotta jump in with both feet! Try searching spark recipes, and sort by highest rated, or search for an ingredient you like.

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4/14/11 2:03 P

Help! I've been doing pretty good at eating "healthy," but I'm having a hard time coming up with creative, tasty ideas. I have a whole shelf FULL of cookbooks, most of them healthy, but I flip through them and nothing ever sounds good. I go to internet recipe sites and I have no idea what to search for.

I'm just bored.

I'm also cooking for a rather picky family, so some of my favorites get outvoted. Like spicy food, Asian food, and seafood. Although sometimes I'll cook that for myself and cook an alternate meal for them....but that's a lot of work!

Any ideas?

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