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6/18/13 2:28 P

I actually had to think about what you were saying! I turned off the meal plans about a week after I started here and completely forgot about them. So I obviously don't follow them. I do try to make a meal plan for the week, or at least somewhat have an idea of the meals I want to make each week, but basically we stick to fish and chicken with steamed veggies so it's pretty simple.

I used the Myfitnesspal when I first tried losing weight, but I really wasn't too fond of it and find this site easier to use. Now I only keep it because it has my original weight and the first few weigh-ins I did before I moved to SP.

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6/18/13 12:57 P

I did at first, before I joined SP. I just use SP now, and turn off the meal plans and enter everything in myself. I find most everything I eat in the database, especially since I don't eat a ton of packaged stuff, and the packaged stuff I do eat stays pretty much the same all the time.

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6/18/13 12:52 P

I used MyFitnessPal for a short while, but came back to SP. I just didn't feel like entering everything again - lol.

I have the meal plans on, but I don't necessarily follow it. Sometimes, I like to see them just for ideas. Usually, I ignore it and enter my own food

MOMAPATTI Posts: 372
6/18/13 11:43 A

i pretty much eat what I want...I just do the portion thing and stay in calore range.I tell ya the portion and lots of water is the key. emoticon I have fitness pal on my phone and the only time I use it is if Im on the go or at someones house and it's a new food

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KMLANG Posts: 84
10/4/12 1:47 P

I agree. I do think it needs a range as well. Thanks

JENMC14 Posts: 2,763
10/4/12 1:02 P

I have a myfitnesspal, but I've used SP for so long, I prefer it. (I turn the meal plans off.) I also don't like that fitness pal doesn't give you a range, just adds calories to your day when you exercise. I think that encourages people to eat too little.

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KMLANG Posts: 84
10/4/12 12:55 P

So, I've looked over the nutrician on this site and the meal plan is just too overwhelming for me. I looked at the grocery list and thought, "Yeah right. That would cost WAY too much money." Does anyone use this site plus my fitness pal to track calories? I know there is a tracker on here too, but the database on my fitness pal is much larger and therefore more user-friendly in my opinion.

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