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12/28/10 5:49 P

I totally agree with teaching her to enjoy working with you in the kitchen....Also, find recipes that resemble the fast foods that she enjoys. Ask her to help you make substitutions in them to turn them into healthier meals.

BILLIEB1120 Posts: 205
12/28/10 5:04 P

Have you tried getting her to help in the kitchen or with the menus? maybe if she was more involved she would be more likely to eat it.

12/27/10 9:08 P

We have been eating healthier for some time now. My daughter may pick at it, while the rest of my family enjoys it - whether I or my husband cook it. She prefers to spend her hard earned money on fast food and restaurant food. It must be the addictive sugar and fat and other stuff they put in it. I was, at one time, addicted to McD's, too. I really was addicted - had to have my "fix" every day. I don't know what to do about her. I try to make the food taste good and the rest of us like it, but she picks at it and then later goes out to get fast food. I worry about her - she's been tested as iron-deficient a number of times and is probably lacking in a whole lot of other nutrients. I've tried to set a good example since I've been focused on health, but she doesn't seem to be interested in eating healthy at all. My son will eat anything i make, so he's doing better, at least. Does anyone have any idea that I can try?


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