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4/28/13 9:27 A

I try to take infomercials with a grain of salt. Any product I have ever given into never works like it does on TV.

That's interesting about the colon and how much it holds. Not only exercise and the contents of your diet make a difference, but so many people (especially elderly) don't drink enough water for the food to move through, thereby causing impaction.

Good colon health is important and keeping things moving through is important. It's known that keeping a good diet with plenty of fiber and water are preventative measures of colon cancer.

Thanks for your information. Enquiring minds need to know!


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4/27/13 11:22 P

Your welcome. It just irks me that they can push this stuff. It's not a medication so it's not regulated. And if you listen carefully, or read the disclaimers, they never actually promise anything. If they did, they would be in trouble with the FDA so they are very careful.

4/27/13 10:04 P

Thanks for the info. :)

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4/27/13 2:14 P

Thanks for putting the facts out there!

Folks just don't talk about things like this - it's a TMI subject - so there is way too much infomercial idiocy available and not enough folks unembarrassed enough to go looking for the real information.

Much appreciated!

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Afraid of a colonoscopy? Believe me - they are much less frightening than surgery and chemotherapy.

Colonoscopies allow polyps to be removed before they can become cancer, or let cancers be found before they are too widespread. Please don't let fear stop you - cover your butt!
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4/27/13 1:07 P

Good info to know.

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4/27/13 1:00 P

TMI emoticon

You mean there may still be TWINKIES in me.....OMG

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4/27/13 12:35 P

Ha ha ha!!! I gotta say, your subject line caught my eye and has me chuckling!

Thanks for the debunking of Cleanse Quackery. Interesting article, I had never put a lot of thought into "the process"!

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4/27/13 12:23 P

One of my pet peeves is infomercials that try to sell you stuff based on quack science. One of the more annoying ones is on Colon-Flo. they are trying to convince us that without their product you are stuffed full of poop and toxins and horrible things that will make you sick.

I've attached a very simplified answer to what your colon can hold. Yeah, it's from Wiki but it was phrased well and easy to understand. The same information is available at the NIH website, The American Gatroenterolgy website and other professional websites.

Our bodies are absolutely amazing. But our bowels can not hold 20#s of undigested red meat, every piece of bubble gum we ever swallowed or grow watermelons in our stomachs from swallowing seeds.

How much the colon holds depends on the diet of the individual.
Your intestines are not loaded with "toxins, undigested red meat, and impacted feces". If they were you would be dead.

It takes 10-12 hours for food to travel from the mouth to the end of the small intestine where it is dumped into the large intestine.

This is where diet comes in. If you are eating an average American diet where fiber, fresh foods, lean meats, and raw nuts and seeds are not being eaten, it takes another 30-40 hours for material to travel through the large intestine(colon). So you can be carrying 6-8 lbs of slow moving waste and feces.

If eating a healthy high fiber diet the transit time in the colon is cut to 10-12 hours and you carry 2-3 lbs of fast moving waste.

With water weighting a little of 2 lbs per quart you can have a quart to a gallon of material in the colon.

Now, back to me. Yes, your rate of transmission may be faster or slower depending on your health, if you have viral or bacterial gastroenteritis or if taking laxatives or stool softners.

But basically, the average persons bowels work just fine without any help!
Thanks for letting me vent.

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