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7/20/14 9:48 A


7/20/14 8:54 A

We have 2 ways to set up your program.

1. One is to have your activity directly tied in to your calories. So as you exercise more your calorie level immediately changes throughout the day.

2. The other does not have calories and exercise directly connected. You basically estimate your calories burned for the week (or you enter your weekly workout); this then is factored into the program.

I personally prefer #2 (it is based more on a weekly average). However, for people who have those days where they are a warrior and burn 1000's of calories on one day (and then maybe a minimal amount on other days), option #1 may work best.


Your SP Registered Dietitian

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7/19/14 7:38 P

My calorie allowance seems to change throughout the day. Is that normal?

10/8/13 7:43 A

I imagine a great deal of the weight gain was due to a higher sodium intake and therefore some water retention. Since returning to a lower sodium intake your weight has returned to a normal reading.

Glad you are back on the program with your daily healthy habits.

Take Care

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10/8/13 2:59 A

Hi Becky

Thank you for taking the trouble to answer so quickly.

Weight loss increase probably wouldn't figure. I don't track my weight on SP very often - the scales at the surgery are a bit different from mine so I go by theirs just once a month. Otherwise there would be too much day to day fluctuation.

I had a week's holiday when I was clocking up more than 17000 steps every day. I didn't track my food during that week, and I ate a lot more than normal and allowed myself treats that I don't normally have. (My scales announced that I'd put on 7lb when I got home - but I didn't believe them as no way did I eat 5000 calories a day. 5 of those pounds have gone now. I deserve to have put on 1 or maybe even 2lb and I'm working on losing them again now I'm home.) I didn't track my food at all on holiday but when I got home I entered my daily step count for the week and made a conservative guess at how many minutes I'd walked each day - so the SP computer could think that I did all that exercising whilst fasting!

I've kept reasonably active since I got home but can't maintain 17000+ steps a day.

It suits me being allowed extra calories as it takes a while to re-adjust, and it's no big deal anyway as I was always at the top end of my calorie allowance, but I was just curious.

10/7/13 5:36 P

Losing weight would not make your calorie range go up; it would go down (since there would be less of you).

What makes your range go up would be things like:
increasing activity
changing rate of weight loss, for example going from 2 pounds lost weekly to 1 pound.

Have you changed any of this??


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10/7/13 3:18 P

I went away on holiday for a week and came home on Friday. I ate so much while I was away (mostly healthily apart from a cream tea and a cake!) but had much bigger portions than normal. I also walked a lot more than normal. I didn't track my food but I did track most of my exercise when I got home. Anyway, I was a bit concerned about how quickly I'd manage to get back to normal eating again because I don't want to undo the good I've done. But, to my amazement, even before I do any exercise my calorie allowance and even my fat allowance has been put up. I'm allowed nearly 200 calories more each day. (Oh, the day before I went on holiday my status changed - I became overweight instead of obese with a BMI of 29.97). But, much as I'm appreciating being allowed the extra calories while getting used to smaller portions again, I don't understand why SP have changed it. Any ideas?

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