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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
2/23/12 8:08 A

Well, if you have medical/budget issues, then cook your brown rice and have it!

If you bf makes a fuss, then tell him he can do his own shopping/cooking!

I think he's just being selfish since you do have a valid medical issue!

COOLEYFAM Posts: 174
2/21/12 9:55 A

Thanks for the posts. It helped me as well!🍚

2BEHEALTHY10 Posts: 79
2/17/12 9:54 P

Bird's Eye Frozen Microwave Brown Rice is good. It's in the frozen veg section along with the white rice.

SONICB Posts: 4,369
2/15/12 3:19 P

Have you considered quinoa? It's super healthy and um, not brown rice... so maybe your bf would like it.

OBSIDIANFIRE SparkPoints: (0)
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2/10/12 10:50 P

I can't believe nobody's mentioned brown BASMATI rice. That stuff is to die for. I hate brown rice also - it is too starchy and bland and tastes like cardboard. But Basmati, is wonderful. My kids love it too.
I also like red rice, black rice, and wild rice. You could try Quinoa too. It comes in white, red, and I think black. I like the red - it retains some crunch-texture when cooked. Be sure to rinse thoroughly before you cook it - even if the package says pre-rinsed.

NONA-UK Posts: 245
2/8/12 1:24 P

So do both. Cook your brown rice however you want. In the uk there are loads of microwave rices - we use them a lot for convenience, they don't have added nasties, taste good, take less than 2 minutes. I assume you can get them too if you are US? I can choose between various types of plain rices or flavoured ones. Get a batch of those for him.

KLGCUTE Posts: 61
1/27/12 7:23 P

Have you tried adding really strong spices that he likes, something like maybe chili powder and cumin? I like to chop very finely and saute onions, garlic, green pepper, carrots, and zucchini in olive oil and add it to my cooked brown rice. That adds a lot of nutrition and flavor, but you could easily also add cumin if he likes that flavor.

1/26/12 3:34 A

Japanese and Korean markets have some brown rices that taste less like brown rice. They have thinner skins or something.

SUNGIRL822 Posts: 1,226
12/7/11 12:45 P

Minute rice makes individual rice servings in many flavors. Chicken rice, rice pilaf, italian herb rice, white & brown.

Try those, there's also a coupon inside each one for money off the next purchase.

ARI-MOKI SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 62
12/5/11 12:53 P

I've had the best luck with Uncle Ben's brown rice as well. That said, I also liked the suggestion of making his rice up ahead of time and storing it. I've done this too :)

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (182,355)
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Posts: 8,730
12/4/11 10:04 P

I'm not sure what brand rice you buy, but try Uncle Ben's brown rice. It's a little more money, like $3.59 for a 2 lb. bag, but it tastes like white. My kids and husband all like it, and couldn't tell the difference.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
12/2/11 9:34 P

Lundberg makes brown rice couscous. It's a more processed food than brown rice, but it's healthier than white rice or couscous made with regular wheat. The taste is similar to brown rice but a bit "lighter tasting", somehow and the texture is fluffier. Plus, it cooks in about 5 minutes.

SUMMERSKYE60 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 139
12/2/11 2:39 P

I usually don't like rice, brown tastes like soaked cardboard when cooked plain. I make mock chinese "fried rice "in the microwave. I add a can of chicken broth water,, brown rice, chopped green onions. shredded carrots, and frozen peas and a small amount of reduced sodium soy sauce, and scrambled egg white. Cook in microwave as directed on rice package Similar to chinese fried rice without all the heavy oil.. You can always add cooked brown rice to soup or stew.

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
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12/1/11 8:24 P

Trader Joe's makes a yummy brown rice blend with- I think- red barley and daikon radish seeds? It's awesome- if I lived in the USA I'd eat it all the time. It becomes even more flavourful when you cook it in vegetable stock.

But girl, I've got to say... what kind of boyfriend puts his TASTE preferences before your MEDICAL needs?


12/1/11 6:13 P

Boy, did this post hit home for me. I have 4 generations living under one roof and we all have different tastes and/or dietary needs, but I've learned to accommidate for all our likes and dislikes. My mother doesn't like carrots. So when I make them for the rest of us, I make a second side for her. She's also trying to go vegetarian. After making chili without meat, I scoop out her serving and then add my hamburger. I love couscous and she can't stand it. I will NEVER make her like it, so I fix/serve her rice when I make myself couscous. I, too, take leftovers and freeze them in serving size containers. Makes it very easy when I make something someone doesn't like. They are already cooked and just need a minute or two in the microwave... Best of luck!

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
12/1/11 1:52 P

I LOVE the pecan rice! Konriko makes a nice type. I also love the wild-and-brown(or white) mix that Uncle Ben's makes. The mixture of spices is delish.

I've made coconut rice with brown rice, and it's nice if you like those sorts of flavors. I just add some coconut milk in the cooking water (to which I've usually already added some chicken base).

I like the "snappy" texture of brown and wild rices, but perhaps that's what his objection is. Try adding more liquid than is called for, and cooking slightly longer. I usually microwave my rice: 5 minutes uncovered on high, stir, and then another 20 minutes covered on medium. If you cook in a clear glass container you can see when the liquid is all absorbed. I usually put some butter in when I stir it, also.

Hope you can find a way to get the "good" rice into him!

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MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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11/30/11 9:56 P

You could also make a batch of white rice and freeze it in individual man-sized portions. emoticon

ALWAYSGROWING SparkPoints: (371)
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11/30/11 12:41 P

No, it does not. Its just partially milled rice.

11/30/11 12:07 P

Does the pecan rice actually have nuts or nut products in it? I'm DEATHLY allergic even to where products can't touch nuts .... the long grain sounds good too ... :)

HMKITTEN Posts: 447
11/30/11 11:54 A

You may also be able to switch the type of brown rice. If you are cooking short grain rice (which does have a texture quite like barley) you might want to try long grain brown rice, which has a texture more like white, but with the goodness of brown.

Good luck!

ALWAYSGROWING SparkPoints: (371)
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Posts: 8
11/30/11 11:07 A

I suggest wild pecan rice, also known as pecan rice. It's only partially milled, so it retains some of the bran and has a nutty flavor. Its a great substitute for brown rice.

11/30/11 10:13 A

My boyfriend HATES brown rice ... no matter how I cook it, what I put in it or put it in, or what I serve it with, he ALWAYS says the same thing -- It tastes like barley and he doesn't like the texture.

I love brown rice. I cannot eat white rice, I'm hypoglycemic and white rice makes my sugar crash and makes me feel bloated ....

ANY ideas???

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