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it seems like FOREVER since I've been here. about 3 weeks ago I had a cold that just wouldn't go away, I ended up having pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma (brought on by infection) and to top it off, my computer "got sick" too!

I hardly ever get sick and am usually the nursemaid to everyone else in the house, but I was really down for the count with this one, and I'm still wheezing a bit. I went for a short walk yesterday and spent most of the weekend cleaning and rearranging my house, so I am on the mend, but I can't go back to the gym yet.

While I was really sick, I went to bed at 9PM every night which helped with the "night snackies" that have ALWAYS been my downfall, and I just didn't feel good enough to really eat even during the day, so I lost 6 lbs from Friday to Monday (I won my diet group pool money!) but I gained it all back, and am maintaining the same weight I have been stuck on for over a month! I am on a million different meds, and one of them is prednisone (a steriod) but my doctor said being on them for 8 days will not make me gain weight, so if I do gain it will all be on me.

I just wanted to get back online and back to the communication. I feel like I've been in "no man's land" for a while.

Have a good week,

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