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5/30/13 10:16 A

Aside from getting fitted for proper running shoes, also try running in the barefoot method, where you are running more on your toes. This lessens impact, but I will warn you now......break into this slowly!!! If your calves are not used to heavy workouts (and this will be one!) your calves will be so sore that the mere thought of walking will hurt.

The barefoot method takes a little time to get used to, but it does help absorb impact. Don't be afraid to get your stride analyzed while you're getting fitted for those shoes. You may find that the problem with your ankles is actually in your stride.

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5/30/13 6:09 A

There is some good advice on this thread already.

I would also add that running is something you have to ramp up to gradually.

Rather than trying to run continuously, I would strongly recommend a Couch to 5K program as the best way to get into running.
The programs work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking, and give your leg muscles and tendons time to adapt to the impact.


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5/30/13 12:17 A

The less impact idea might help build up my strength... and I'll definitely be talking to my doctor. Running is a lot of fun so I don't want to just give it up. Gets me sweating real fast.

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5/29/13 11:06 A

I would switch to a cardio with less impact such as a stationary bike, swimming or using a trampoline. Once it is better do a combination of walking and running. The RICE approach will apply to any acute injury. It's an acronym for Rest, ICE, Compression and Elevation. If you continue to stay on your ankles when they are inflammed it will just get worse. There are many reasons for swelling. If you have weak legs, heavy weight, other health issues, small legs, smoke or drink. You might need to strengthen your ankles using resistance bands once the pain has subsided, wear high top shoes anf use a padded track.

I ran for 20 years and finally decided the impact was not good for my osteoarthritic spine. My cardio consists of the elliptical and swimming. I work out daily so I stay on top of my health.

Good luck and keep moving!

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5/29/13 10:45 A

In addition to the advice you've received already, its critical for most runners to head to a specialty running shoe store to get properly fitted for a pair of running shoes. What works for me won't work for you, because there are as many shoes as feet! Differences in how your feet are constructed means just any old tennis shoe (or even running shoe!) won't help you run. GEtting properly fitted will help prevent injury and increase comfort. I used to get terrible shin splints until I got a proper running shoe custom-fitted, and it doesn't cost as much as you might think.

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5/29/13 9:18 A

Sometimes you just need to listen to your body. Running is not for everyone. Many exercise/fitness options out there. Perhaps look into exercises that strengthen and improve ankle mobility for starters. Then walk and see if you can work your way - slowly - up to running again if it is something you truly enjoy.

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5/29/13 8:14 A

Second Zorbs on the doctor visit. Also, how old are your shoes? Running shoes (even if they look fairly new) start to break down after about 6 months and supportive shoes are a must when starting to run.

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5/29/13 5:36 A

are you running every day? Don't run more than 3x/week as a beginner.

You may have some scar tissue/ankle mobility problems resulting from your dog to speak to a doctor.

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5/29/13 1:11 A

So I took up running, and for the first few weeks I could go 1.5 miles a day with no problem. Now my ankles are aching something fierce, and I've even been doing the thing of keeping my back straight, chin up, arms bent, and not swinging them across my chest, and even landing on the front of my feet instead of the heels.. but now I have to wear a tension bandage whenever I head out, and even then it hurts so much I've been reduced to speed walking. What I can I do to make this more comfortable or to reduce the pain even further so I can start running again?.. Even a slow jog hurts too much so its kind of killing my motivation to get into this. I was bitten on the sore ankle by a dog over 10 years ago that resulted in 26 stitches, and crutches for a month... which is definitely playing a factor... but isn't there something I can do?..

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