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You're following most of the key principles of exercise here (at least 3 x cardio sessions, a day off, 48 hours between ST sessions), so what you've got is OK.

But you may get more out of the same time commitment by rescheduling one of your weekend days off to midweek, so that you have 2 days then rest 1 day, 3 days then rest 1 day, rather than work out 5, rest 2.

Also, you will get more out of your strength training if you can work each muscle group at least twice a week, rather than just once. I'd really like to see you doing 2-3 all-body sessions per week, rather than isolation exercises. By choosing compound exercises that work several different muscles at once, you can get in an all-body workout in just a few moves.

Just to emphasize - you aren't doing anything wrong, or that goes against sound exercise principles. But there are ways you can get more out of your workouts.


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4/27/13 3:09 A

I think it sounds great and you seem really motiviated - keep it up :-)

I might switch it up so you workout one day on the weekend and instead take one during the week off, just so the whole thing is a little more "balanced". However, if you don't have time on the weekends, or you simply prefer to work out during the week, I'm sure that works too.

I love that you have a balanced strength training plan :-).

Just out of interest - how long have you been doing this? Its a very good plan, but it may be a little overwehlming if you're just starting out. If that's the case and you're anything like me, it could be that you start out the first 2 weeks super motivated and then you find yourself in a motivation hole. So maybe start a little slower and then build up to this plan. Just a thought :-)

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4/26/13 10:29 P

Sunday - OFF

Monday - Cardio(30 mins), Arms & Abs (gym)

Tuesday - Cardio(30 mins), Yoga DVD (home)

Wednesday - Cardio(30 mins), Legs & Chest (gym)

Thursday - Cardio(30 mins), Yoga DVD (home)

Friday - Cardio(30 mins), Shoulders & Back (gym)

Saturday - OFF

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