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BILL60 Posts: 919,512
4/27/13 6:33 P

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best in your quest for a healthier you.

4/27/13 9:52 A

Hey Nomena,

Nothing virtual about it. I will add a link to a map of my walk. Almost 9000 miles of walking in 14 months. I will be out in the American heart land talking with people about obesity and walking my back side off - literally.

For anyone that wants to be part of the excitement - my facebook account - Malene Comes - and my blog is where it's at.

Thanks all of you.


NOMENA2010 Posts: 41
4/27/13 5:52 A

I am also fun of walking so I think you choose well!
I am not sure are you talking about relly walking over USA or walking arround home and than "virtually" walk over USA.
Its my English I guess. But, any way, best of luck! :)

IF you are relly going to walk over US in 14th months I really admire! You really took time and money to do that! Great!

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4/27/13 12:34 A

Thank you to all of you for your encouragement. This walk promises to be both exciting, and it certainly already is challenging in the fund raising phase.


MYTHYMENOW Posts: 4,271
4/27/13 12:28 A

Keep walking...

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/26/13 11:17 P

You inspire me! Thank you!

BILL60 Posts: 919,512
4/26/13 7:47 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best in your journey to a healthier life.

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4/25/13 11:41 P

Hi and welcome to Spark People! It's great to have you here!! There's lots of support and inspiration to be had here! Good luck to you!

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4/25/13 7:12 P

Wow fantastic -- welcome to SparkPeople! Good luck on your walk. I think that's awesome!

PINKHOPE Posts: 25,768
4/25/13 6:09 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople!

I want to congratulate you on making this journey. I began my own journey at 350 lbs. a few years ago and though my pace has been slow I have lost over 100 pounds! You can have success too!

This is a great place to get healthy! There are so many tools, resources, and encouraging people to help you on your journey to "Health & Fitness". Be sure to poke around the site and try the nutrition and fitness trackers, Spark Recipes, Daily Spark, health articles, and secrets.

Joining a team will help you meet like-minded people that share similar life situations or goals. You can join mine to start. I share many helpful tips, recipes and insights from my own journey so you too can benefit. The DAILY CHAT section has lots of helps.

Be sure to read member blogs as there is a wealth of information there. You can start with one of mine:

If you have further questions or just want to chat, stop by my Sparkpage or send me a Sparkmail. Just click on the button under my profile picture on the left.

Press On!

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4/25/13 4:19 P

Hey Guys,

I wanted to just introduce myself a little bit. I am 41 years old and I have struggled with obesity my entire life. At the moment I weigh around 300 pounds, and I am 5'2 tall. My biological mother died at age 56, and when she died she weighed around 400 pounds. The mother who raised me has diabetes and kidney failure. This is getting to be a question of life or death for me, and I have decided to do something drastic.

On July 20th this year I start to walk around the US. This is an 9000 mile long walk that will take me 14 months. I do this to raise awareness about obesity, and to fund raise for my favorite obesity related charity.

I would love to share my adventure with all of you, and will definitely check in here from time to time. If you want to be kept more up to date about my adventure then I suggest you friend me on facebook - my name is Malene Comes.

I also have a blog

Warm regards,

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