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3/10/14 1:53 A

Down another pound for a 8.6 pound weight loss so far. On my way to reaching my second short term 5 pound loss by March 31st.

3/1/14 7:04 A

Not only have I lost 7.6 pounds in February I lost 2.5 inches on my waist, 1 inch on my hips, 2 inches on my upper arm and 2 inches on my thigh. That's a total of 7.5 inches in February and 3.4 pounds lost. emoticon

2/28/14 7:27 A

2.4 pounds to go to reach my second short term weight loss goal by March 31st :)

ANGIELEIGH13 Posts: 32
2/12/14 1:55 P

Happy early Birthday and Great job on the weight loss and new lifestyle change.

2/9/14 8:44 A

I turn 50 on February 13th and am pressing towards a healthy lifestyle. I asked for a snowsuit for my birthday so I can start embracing winter. I live in Canada and sometimes winters can be long and drawn out so I might as well learn to love it well at least like it emoticon

2/8/14 10:53 A

I haven't missed a day yet of checking in on sparkpeople and feel it has really helped me with my weight loss. Hope everyone is successful with their goals.

2/5/14 6:00 A

I did it I lost another 1.4 pounds. I reached my first 5 pound loss goal. My next goal is to lose 5 more pounds by March 31st. A total loss of 10 pounds half my ultimate goal of 20 half way through my timeline emoticon

2/2/14 9:25 A

Down a total of 4.2 pounds in January emoticon On my way to a five pound weight loss by the end of February !

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,167
1/29/14 4:06 P

down 2# is great. Keep working on that first five pounds.

Five = Twenty. emoticon

1/29/14 10:42 A

So I have lost 2 pounds. Some people may not think that is much but to me it's great. It's going in the right direction. I have a scale that weighs body fat as well and I'm in a healthy range for that but still would like to lose 18 pounds. A day at a time. I'm tracking and exercising. I feel a lot better too.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,167
1/19/14 12:14 P

I'm 64 so I had a total hysterectomy at 48 and went through menopause in one day and started on HRT the next and never had a hot flash or problem. I took the HRT for 10 yrs and felt good and then a new doctor I got refused to give it to me any longer. I'm considering going to a doctor I found now who gives synthetic hormone replacement. It has worked for Suzanne Sommers. We have to research and think for ourselves as MEN really don't have our best interest.

1/19/14 9:24 A

I've decided I need to focus on getting this weight off for summer. I had it off but we had a family tragedy December 31st 2012 and it's been hard to refocus. I have a family that depends on me and I need to stay healthy and strong not only for myself but for them too. I will get there. It doesn't help that menopause has started I'll be 50 next month but to me all that means is the weight may come off slower and I'll have to exercise more. We have the tools that we need to this to lose weight and be healthy so it's up to us. I'm hoping to make some friends along the way that share the same goals. Health nutrition and enjoying life, family and friends. It doesn't matter how much we have to lose every pound is a challenge. Good luck everyone emoticon

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